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So excited to announce my A to Z Challenge 2021 Theme –  Authors and Artists.

For the A to Z Challenge 2021, I will share about favorite authors and artists from A to Z.

What is the A to Z Challenge?

Blogging from A to Z is a challenge that starts beginning April First with a topic themed on something with the letter A, then on April second another topic with the letter B as the theme, and so on until you finish on April thirtieth with the theme based on the letter Z.

This year, the dominant letter of the day will vary from the first name, last name, and/or the title of their project.

Sneak Peek of A to Z Challenge 2021 Theme – Authors and Artists

I’m so excited about the schedule so far that includes a PBS’ Atlantic Crossing review, an interview with top Regency author Mary Balogh, an interview with Amanda Browning (Babe from All My Children) who will be sharing about re-uniting with Jacob Young (JR from All My Children) in their short film, an interview with Lisa Antoni (best known as Mary from Frank Wildhorn’s Rudolf) about her upcoming new musical, I Feel Love, in Bozen, Italy, and more!!

Calling Authors and Artists

Spots for the schedule are filling up fast but if you’d like to be included and tell my amazing readers about your latest project, authors and artists (theatrical, visual, etc.) are welcome to fill out the Google Form here. Hopefully we will have room to add you too!!

A to Z Challenge 2021 Schedule

A – Atlantic Crossing (PBS preview of the first episode)

B – Mary BALOGH (regency author)

C – CITY of Fallen Angels by Paul Buchanan (Book Review)

D – J Lenni DORNER (review of her short story, Lumber Of The Kuweakunks)

E – The ESSEX Serpent by Sarah Perry (Book Review)

F – John Christopher FRAME (author of 7 Attitudes of The Helping Heart)

G – Mark GRIFFIN (Lawrence after Arabia movie)

H – Creating HEAVEN on Earth – 300 Angels of NOLA (Guest Post)

I – I Am With You by Cardinal Dolan (Book Review)

J – Jane Austen Society Mystery: Death and Sensibility (Book Review)

K – Julie Klassen: A Castaway in Cornwall (Book Review)

L – Lisa Antoni (Musical Theater Actress; starring in the upcoming Italian musical, I Feel Love)

M – Moscow Mules and Murder by Quinn Avery (Book Review)

N – NINETY Days in The Psalms (Book Review)

O – OLGA Lengyel [Five Chimneys] Book Review

P – Prepare for Launch (interview with actress Amanda Browning)

Q – 3 Favorite Julia Quinn Books

R – Best 2 Ann RULE TV movies

S – Sammy STEIN (author of Pause, Play, Repeat)

T – Tracie Peterson | Author Interview (Historical Romance)

U – The UNREMEMBERED Girl (by Eliza Maxwell) Book Review

V – Vocal Vigor (a store for singers to shop by actress Ashley Fox Linton)

W – Winners of the OSCARS 2021

X – Xanadu from Film to Stage

Y – YZMA Disney Bounding Ideas

Z – Sarah ZAMA (guest post on the Diesel Punk Genre)

Reviews of Authors and Artists

To fill in the blanks, I hope to get some more responses from you guys! However, I will also be including reviews of TV shows, movies, musicals, and books. If you have a particular favorite that you think I should share about, do share in the comments below!

Join the A to Z Challenge 2021!

If you are a blogger it is not too late to join the A to Z Challenge for 2021! You can come up with any topic as long as you can cover the letters A to Z.

My themes in the past have been pretty random from Child Abuse to Women of the Bible to Theater to Family History.

For more information visit the official website here.

Wanting some inspiration? Check out the A to Z Challenge Team’s blogs!

The Multicolored Diary is actually one of my favorite blogs to follow during the challenge. She always has amazing unheard of stories in the genre of Mythology and Folklore to share. My reading list is always full after reading her blog!

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A to Z Challenge 2021

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