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7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart is a recently released book by John Christopher Frame (February 2021) that hopes to teach the readers “How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor”.

Book Description for 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart

Do you want to better live out the teachings of Jesus to help people in need? Do you feel you should care more for the poor but are not sure where to start?

In this book, author John Christopher Frame, PhD, having encountered poverty around the world, will help you on your journey of putting your faith into action. With Frame’s thoughtful, down-to-earth, deep dive into Christian living, you’ll feel closer to God and more encouraged to care for others.

7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart: How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor is a captivating, easy-to-read book designed to show you how to keep your faith central in all you do. Through compelling stories and practical teaching, you’ll learn how to better love and support those in need.

In 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart, you’ll discover:

  • How to cultivate the seven attitudes that will transform your view of underprivileged people, so you can be a more effective instrument of God
  • A powerful framework for serving God that will motivate you even when you don’t feel inspired to care about those who are poor
  • The key to overcoming selfish tendencies, so you can live a more generous life
  • How you can care more for others and, as a result, experience God’s greater presence in your life
  • Unforgettable narratives that provide a window into the lives of people who are poor, and much, much more!

7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart: How to Live Out Your Faith and Care for the Poor is an eye-opening journey that will help you move into the joy of loving others more. If you like on-the-ground wisdom, empowering approaches to serving God, and practical advice, then you’ll love John Christopher Frame’s inspirational book.

Buy 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart to better live out your faith today!

Academic Praise for 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart

““This book is like a window into people’s lives around the world, with sensory details that help us empathize with circumstances that we otherwise struggle to imagine.”

Rev. Matthew Ingalls, Author of The Upside Down Way: Following Jesus through the Gospel of Luke

“Frame’s personal story, mingled with the stories of friends in Cambodia trapped in crippling poverty, creates a compelling narrative for his solid teaching on how we all can nurture qualities in ourselves in order to better care for others in need with a truly empowered, serving, and loving mindset.”

— Jamie Aten, PhD, Founder & Executive Director, Humanitarian Disaster Institute, Wheaton College, and author of A Walking Disaster: What Surviving Katrina and Cancer Taught Me About Faith and Resilience

Does 7 Attitudes of the Helping Heart Live Up to the Expectations?

Sadly – NO. While I appreciated that Frame has included personal stories from men and women he’s met around the world, I found the book to be a bunch of fluff. Most of the stories Frame shared from his own experiences are those you could read on a blog and offered nothing new for someone who’s been on a missions trip, helped out at the local rescue mission, listened to a missionary speak, or etc.

Although for the price, this might make a good gift for new believers or for missionaries being sent off by a church.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from NetGalley for review purposes but all opinions are my own.

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