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Thrilled to bring this interview with my friend, Prepare for Launch actress Amanda Baker (All My Children, Black Lightning) who shares about the excitement of sharing the screen again with former All My Children co-star, Jacob Young (Bold and the Beautiful).

Prepare for Launch

Remembering Babe and JR Chandler

We have to start this interview by reminding readers just how much we loved Babe and JR on All My Children. Amanda Baker was the second Babe Carey Chandler opposite Jacob Young‘s JR Chandler.

Below is a great fan video of Babe and JR’s love story on All My Children. Amanda Baker’s scenes start at the 0:30 mark.

What is the overall premise of the short film “Prepare for Launch”?

The film is based on a true story about the astronaut John S. Bull and his journey to go to the moon. Unfortunately, he dealt with health issues and never made it, but was an integral part of the mission. I play his wife, Nancy in the film and a lot of it highlights John struggle between his career and his family.

What was it like reuniting with your former co-star Jacob Young who you worked with on All My Children?

It was so good working with Jacob again! It really felt like no time had passed. Jacob contacted me to see if I would be interested in working on the project and I immediately said yes. We had to fly to Virginia for filming and over a couple of days I was able to knock out my scenes. We had a lot of fun and it seemed to flow easily because of working together in the past.

What can we be looking out for?

The actual film should be completed in the next couple of months and will be entered into film festivals. The goal is to get enough funding and distribution to turn it into a full length feature film!

Official Synopsis of Prepare for Launch

A look into the life of American astronaut John S. Bull [Jacob Young] from the original class of 19 astronauts chosen to go to the Moon in the 60’s.

Cast of Prepare for Launch

Jacob Young as John S. Bull
Jillian Newton as NASA Engineer
Amanda Baker as Nancy Bull
John S. Howell as Photographer
Ethan Pogue as Jeffrey Bull
McTyere Parker as James Irwin

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Amanda Baker and Jacob Young. Prepare for Launch.

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