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Kelsey Grammer’s High Expectations movie is coming to Cinemas one night only on April 7, 2022!

high expectations movie review

Official Description of HIGH EXPECTATIONS Movie

Jack Davis (Taylor Gray), mid-20s, is trying to find his way through a critical crossroad of self-doubt as an underachiever in a very accomplished family known mostly for their success in the world of international soccer.

Jack’s older brother (Adam Aalderks) is an all-star goalie for his father’s professional team of which the father (Kelsey Grammer) coaches. Just a few years ago, Jack’s father drafted Jack then cut him from the team; thus, Jack’s lifetime dream of playing for his father was crushed. Jack has been estranged from his father and family since.

The film shows how Jack – led by the tough love of ex-girlfriend Sophia Portales (Ally Brooke of Fifth Harmony) – overcomes the obstacles to find himself and not give up on himself both on the soccer field and in life.

What to Expect from HIGH EXPECTATIONS Movie

High Expectations is your standard uplifting feel-good movie with the happily ever after ending. The movie is centered around family drama. The patriarch is played by Frasier’s Kelsey Grammer while his sons are well played by Taylor Gray (Star Wars: Rebels), Adam Aalderks (S.W.A.T.), and Shaun MacLean (WandaVision).

Taylor Gray does a respectable job as the family underdog Jack who is driving a taxi to pay rent even though he has a trust fund he could dip into. You feel sympathy for the character and can appreciate the struggle he is going through thanks to Gray’s acting.

Ally Brooke (of Fifth Harmony) is the main headliner with the official website describing the movie as “A debut film for Ally Brooke, High Expectations is the best American soccer drama in decades.” She is obviously there to sing beautifully however it is nice to note that her acting is not robotic.

For soccer fans, the most interesting casting choice is Briana Scurry as Coach Kerr. Briana was the U.S Women’s national team goalkeeper between 1994 and 2008, playing 173 games and keeping 71 clean sheets.

At the 1999 World Cup Final she made an incredible penalty save as the USA went on to lift the trophy. Playing the role of a soccer coach, Scurry might not be as polished an actor as others like Kelsey Grammer but any soccer fan will appreciate her appearance in the movie.

For those wondering if this is a Christian movie – I would say this has many Christian themes and the “High Expectations” theme song that Ally sings in the video above references the Prodigal Son. However, there is no overt Gospel message and characters use mild foul language such as sh!t on a regular basis. The biggest clue that this has Christian backers are the iconic musical numbers that you come to expect from faith based movies.

But if you are debating on whether or not you want to go see High Expectations when it is in Cinemas on 4/7/22, I’ll give you three good reasons to go — Love of Soccer (the final scene is brilliantly shot), Ally Brooke singing, and Kelsey Grammer who turns in an impassioned and yet subdued performance as the loving and flawed father and soccer coach. The moments when Kelsey Grammer is on screen are definitely the highlights and it is not so much what he says but the way his face and body language speak volumes without ever having to turn on the sound.


Fathom Events [who also work regularly with Sight & Sound Theatre] is showing HIGH EXPECTATIONS for one night only in cinemas on April 7, 2022! You can get tickets at your local theater at

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