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As anyone who has followed my Twitter and read my previous post about A.D. The Bible Continues knows I am a fan of the current Biblical television epic happening every Sunday on NBC through Father’s Day. The acting, writing, music and etc. are all spot-on incredible. However, these past two weeks I have been disappointed about the lack of Biblical-inspired scenes versus historically fictitious scenes. The book of Acts that A.D. The Bible Continues is based after is packed full of great scenes, speeches, dreams and action. Unfortunately we are seeing very few of them as the writers have chosen to go with fictitious story-lines involving “Boaz the Zealot”, Caiaphas and his wife, Leah, and Pilate with his wife, Claudia.
So if anyone is interested in the real story, they need only to read the Book of Acts in the Bible. However, if it feels like reading Greek to pick up the Scriptures, Dr. David Jeremiah has put together a companion book called A.D. The Bible Continues: The Revolution That Changed the World that gives an easy to read summary of the happenings of Acts coupled with historical context.
The 4-1-1:
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Publication Date: 14 April 2015