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Seven reasons to watch Endeavour Season 7. Endeavour Season 7 is airing on PBS in the United States. The prequel to Inspector Morse and Inspector Lewis, Endeavour, is now in its seventh season on PBS. Shaun Evans and Les Miserables' Roger Allam star in the British Drama Endeavour about Oxford police officers in the 1960s and 1970s. #endeavour #pbs #masterpiece #inspectormorse #morse #shaunevans #rogerallam #perioddramas #britishdramas #whattowatch #thejoyousliving

Endeavour Season 7 returns to PBS on August 9, 2020. Leading men Shaun Evans (DS Morse), Roger Allam (DCI Thursday), Anton Lesser (Chief Superintendent Bright), James Bradshaw (Doctor Max DeBryn) and Sean Rigby (DS Strange) return as the show launches into the 1970s with a New Years murder where the only clue is a man’s whistling near the scene.

7 Reasons to Tune in to Endeavour Season 7 on August 9th

1. Thursday and Strange Work a Case Together

Typically Sargent Strange (Sean Rigby) is relegated to the sidelines but at the beginning of Season 7, he is front and centre assisting Inspector Thursday (Roger Allam) on the New Years’ case while Morse is on holiday in Venice, Italy.

2. Morse Finds Passion With a Mysterious Italian Woman

While on holiday, Morse (Shaun Evans) meets a beautiful brunette in Italy and seems to become obsessed with her memory while back home in Oxford.

3. Shaun Evans Directs the First Episode of Season Seven

Shaun Evans not only dazzles on screen but does a great job directing the pilot episode of Endeavour Season Seven. In particular, there are some gorgeously framed scenes that match the artistry of the music that Morse is always listening to.

4. Women Demand Equal Rights

It’s the 1970s and the women’s movement is on fire in Oxford. One young woman who is a scientist at the college proves to be not just a beauty but also a brain beating out the gentlemen scientists for a television spot.

The John Thaw Connection

When Morse (Shaun Evans) goes to meet his witness, the scene is set at the first-ever conference of the Women’s Liberation Movement, a real-life event that took place at Ruskin College, Oxford. One of its organizers was Sally Alexander, a prominent feminist of the early 70s and also the first wife of John Thaw, the original Inspector Morse, and the mother of Abigail Thaw, who appears in the scene as Endeavour series regular Dorothea Frazil. In fact, Frazil’s character is introduced to Sally Alexander (played by her own daughter, Mollie-Mae, in a short cameo).

5. Endeavour Season 7 is Dedicated to Composer Barrington Pheloung

Barrington Pheloung composed the Endeavour theme song, as well as Inspector Morse and Lewis theme songs. Pheloung sadly passed away in 2019.

6. Morse Meets His Own “Tom Ripley”

Similar to how Tom Ripley (Matt Damon) weasels his way into the life of Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law) in The Talented Mr. Ripley, Morse meets an equally mysterious Italian man, Ludo, who claims to be a classmate from Oxford. It’s telling though that Morse does not remember Ludo from his days at Oxford. So what (if any) sinister reasons does Ludo have for working his way into Morse’s life?

7. Bright and Thursday Have a Frank Conversation about Faith

[slight spoiler] Bright’s wife is dying of cancer (as we found out in Season 6) and in the first episode of season 7, she has faith healers come to pray over her. Bright approaches Thursday about Faith and wonders if his lack thereof might hinder his wife’s healing.

Endeavour Season 7

Where to Watch Endeavour Season 7 (In United States)

PBS Masterpiece Theatre (Free)

Amazon Video ($9.99 for the season)

Dates of Endeavour Season 7 (In United States)

August 9-23,2020

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Cast of Characters

Shaun Evans (“Being Julia“)… Morse

Roger Allam (“Les Miserables“)… Thursday

Anton Lesser (“Game of Thrones“)… Bright

James Bradshaw (“Primeval“)… Doctor DeBryn

Sean Rigby (“Gunpowder“)… Strange

Abigail Thaw (“Poirot: Clocks“)… Dorothea

Guest Stars

Holli Dempsey (“Harlots“)… Jenny Tate

Stephanie Leonidas (“Killing Jesus“)… Violetta

Ryan Gage (“The Hobbit“)… Ludo

Naomi Battrick (“Jamestown“)… Doctor Naomi

Angus Wright (“The Iron Lady“)… Professor Blish

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7 Reasons You Need to Watch Season 7 of Endeavour the TV Series on PBS. Shaun Evans directs Episode 1 of Endeavour Season 7. Endeavour Morse is back with Season 7 on August 9, 2020, on PBS. #pbs #endeavour #whattowatch #shaunevans #thejoyousliving

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