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Infusion drinks are quite the it thing. I have seen numerous infusion mixers and water bottles for sale. So when I heard about this upcoming new cookbook/mixology book from Eric Prum and Josh Williams, I knew I had to check it out. Keep reading to see what I found out…
The Book Layout: Infuse is a beautifully illustrated and designed paperback 175 page book. Every page pops with colorful photographs and diagrams. Easy-to-read print also makes the book reader friendly and easy to get sucked into.
The Recipes: With over 50 recipes, the book is chalk full of creative ideas and options for how to create homemade oils, spirits and drinks. Oils include everything from vinaigrettes for salads to an infused butter for popcorn! Spirits include their favorite peach bourbon to a homemade Irish Cream. Drinks include several iced tea recipes including one that sounds scrumptious and perfect for the upcoming summer season — Lavender Meyer Lemon Mint Tea.
The Authors: Eric Prum and Josh Williams are the authors of Shake: A New Perspective on Cocktails. They have been best friends since their university days and are partners in W and P Design.
To Buy or Not: If you enjoy entertaining at home during the summer, I heartily recommend this book! Eric and Josh offer numerous options for homemade oils and drinks to wow your friends and guests with that can be made with the simplest of ingredients and materials.
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