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Max Lucado does it again – presenting a great inspirational + gift book for anyone looking forward to “embracing new opportunities and taking steps towards reaching your dreams.” His book, Let the Journey Begin, has been re-released (10 March 2015) and the product is charming, insightful and encouraging. While the book as been toted as a ‘perfect’ graduation gift, I believe that this book should not be put into such a narrow box as it can easily be applied by someone starting a new career, buying a new house, adopting or having a new baby, and the list goes on with Lucado addressing topics such as: Restoring Hope Along the Way, Knowing God’s Will and God’s Love For You.

Similar to his other books, the book is well designed, beautifully put together, and Lucado offers snippets of wisdom (from his previous books) and Scripture throughout such as, “The problem is not that God has spoken but that we haven’t listened (see page 39).” It would certainly make for a lovely gift book for a graduate and it is economical, too. While it is also available for the Kindle and Nook and other e-book readers, I believe this to be one of the books that deserves a hardback copy worthy of sitting on your side table or dresser.

If you already have a wide collection of Max Lucado books in your library, this might be worth a skip since much is a rehash of previous books but if you are looking for a good compilation book or “best of” hey this might just be the book for you. And like I said earlier this makes for a great graduation gift for a young person who hasn’t had the chance to fall in love with Lucado’s writings.

Do give Let the Journey Begin a chance if you are looking for a beautiful, uplifting and encouraging book for yourself and/or a friend. And be sure to let me know what you think!

The Book 4-1-1:

Title: Let the Journey Begin
Author: Max Lucado,
Release Date: 10 March 2015 (US) & 9 April 2015 (UK)