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Zomato Hosted a Meetup at The Looking Glass.

Anyone who has seen my Mad Hatter Tea Party post will know that I am a fan of Alice in Wonderland and all things Lewis Carroll. Top that off with my love for food, you knew I would be ecstatic for a chance to attend my first Zomato Meetup where I could eat free food and drink free cocktails and meet foodies like myself.

How NOT To Get To The Looking Glass Cocktail Club

So humming along to Frank Wildhorn’s Wonderland album, I grabbed the Overground to Hoxton and made my way to 49 Hackney Road in East London. OR rather, I followed CityMapper‘s directions to 49 Hackney Road where I met fellow foodie, Sunny In London, equally searching for our destination.

The mystery was confounding and a tad bit frustrating especially because our hostess from Zomato, Alexandra, had no cell service at the club. Sunny in London left and I thankfully reached Kritika (the Zomato marketing employee who first introduced me to the brand) who helped me find my way to the correct address. O, boy, do I have a bone to pick with CityMapper sending me to an address across town (near Columbia Road).

That said, if you are likewise game to check out Looking Glass Cocktail Club do NOT grab directions based on the address but rather use the club’s name in your search and that should lead you to the right place.

Through the Looking Glass

Moving on… I arrived (thanks again to Kritika and Alexandra) at Looking Glass Cocktail Club half an hour late but was very much delighted to discover the club was literally through a looking glass! The lights were dim and made photography of the food and drink a bit difficult so please pardon the quality of photos.

But there were a half dozen or so seating areas with tables where a combination of chairs and couches played court to the tables with dripping candles. The room was spacious even for our good-sized crowd and boasted a good-sized bar where cocktails could be mixed and poured.

Cocktail Sampling at The Looking Glass Cocktail Club

The Looking Glass Cocktail Club serves drinks only (no food) and provided two courtesy cocktails for the enjoyment of the Zomato Meetup.

They were:



  • Ted’s Bellini (with extra kicks from both a dash of fin & Kummel liqueur (flavoured with celery and peach cordial)
  • Jabberwocky (Chivas Regal is lengthened with Dubonnet, Creme de Bergamot, Lapsang amaro, orange juice & shaken into a coupette & garnished with sour cherry)

I particularly found the Jabberwocky to be delicious… Fruity but not too sweet, strong but not too overpowering.

Rice Paper Rolls (courtesy of MissChu)

The drinks were complimented for the occasion by five trays of rice paper rolls from MissChu:

  • Tiger prawn and green mango
  • Egg omelette, caramelised onion and balsamic caramelised onion
  • Sashimi tuna, avocado & wakame
  • Vegan organic tofu, shimeji and enoki mushroom (Not GF)
  • Roast duck & banana flour

My favourite was the tuna… Sashimi tuna, avocado and wakame. Delicious! All five were refreshing and tasty with mint leaves. Would be especially good on a hot day, I think.  While they were all refreshing and edible, I would have to say that the flavours all were bland in comparison to the tuna roll so if you are hankering for Vietnamese rice paper rolls, go for the tuna rolls. Delicious. They come in a serving of 2 for £5 and can be ordered for online delivery, pickup or catering.

Meet My Fellow Bloggers

And the best part of the evening had to be the chance to meet the fellow foodies: Ali, Kate, and Snita.

If you similarly enjoy blogging about food, check out Zomato and maybe I will see you at a meetup.

My Zomato profile is:

And if you find yourself in East London looking for a quirky and entertaining place to grab a drink with your friends, might I suggest Looking Glass Cocktail Club?

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Disclaimer: While the food and drink were all complimentary thanks to Zomato’s meet up, the reviews are all my own. Thanks again Zomato, Looking Glass Cocktail Club and MissChu.

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