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Experience JESUS like never before thanks to Sight and Sound.

From the same production team of Stage and Sound that brought us the stories of Moses, Noah and Jonah come this extremely well-done production of JESUS.

Filmed in front of a live audience, Sight and Sound’s JESUS bills itself as

“the action-packed musical stage adventure that takes audiences on a miraculous journey alongside the most famous person ever to walk the earth and the everyday people whose lives he changed forever.”

Sight & Sound's JESUS coming to TBN for Easter

The production was originally supposed to be screened in movie theatres across the United States this month but due to the Coronavirus, they had to – as we all have – adjust their plans. And thankfully they were able to arrange a deal with TBN to screen the show on the Christian network on Saturday, April 11th and Sunday, April 12th as well as on-demand all Easter weekend long.

Without giving too much away, here are 3 beautiful reasons why you need to see Sight and Sound’s interpretation of the Easter story.

Beautiful Sets:

Sight and Sound Theatre productions are known for their enormous sets. Remember the huge ship that Jonah escaped aboard? Or the ginormous ark that Noah and his sons built? Or the enormous 3 stories high Goshen set that was on a turn-table?

And Jesus does not disappoint. In fact, I believe I can confidently say the sets and cinematography are all leaps and bounds ahead of the other 3 shows.

There are ocean sets with digital animation, lush green sets for Jesus and his followers on the mount, intimidating sets where Jesus exorcised Legion, and more intimate sets such as the room where they conducted the last supper. I could go on in my listing of the sets/scenes. What caught my attention best this time – thanks to the cinematography – was the effortless-looking transitions from one set to another and from one scene to another.

Beautiful Cinematography:

Sight & Sound Theatricals are getting better and better. And one of the best ways you can tell is the cinematography that is more in line with what someone might expect from seeing a studio film versus that of a live taping of a stage play.

Several great examples of this improvement are:

The temple scene where Jesus famous flipped over the tables.

This was perhaps one of the best scenes dramatically. The cinematographer brilliantly and passionately filmed the action in a way that made me feel I was right there in the midst of the crowd using close-ups, different angles, and at times even slow motion.

The exorcism of Legion into the herd of pigs

Yes, the animation of the pigs is a bit corny. However, what drew my attention was the entire scene – the set, the lighting, and I loved how the camera followed Jesus from behind until he came up to the possessed young man. I can’t tell more or I might ruin the scene for you so you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

Beautiful Music:

As per usual, I contest the calling of this a musical. Similarly with the other 3 ‘musicals’, there are small musical snippets that are pleasant but quickly forgettable.

What was really weird was that the lead character – JESUS – did not have any musical numbers. Usually, the lead has at least one big number such as Moses’ “Something Greater Than Me“.

But where this show excels is the chill-inducing “The Lord’s Prayer” that is sung by Mother Mary, Nicodemus, John, Joseph, and the ladies on Good Friday. #CHILLS This is a song I would happily buy and listen to over and over again.

So will you be tuning in to see JESUS this weekend? It’s a beautiful story of Jesus’ ministry and Passion Week. And the show does not even end at the “standard” resurrection.

3 Reasons to Catch Sight & Sound's JESUS this Easter #easter #jesus #tbn

Where to Watch:

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