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Ladies and Gents – The first ever UK extensive and comprehensive survey of Giovanni Battista Moroni (c.1520-1579)’s work is being showcased at the Royal Academy of Arts. And boy are you in for a treat!
Last week I was invited to join other bloggers for a special chat with the exhibition’s curator, Arturo Galansino. Mr. Galansino is passionate and dedicated in his exhibiting of Moroni’s works – 45 pieces in total that are “the jewel” of the collection. He understands that Moroni’s work is unknown to many in the United Kingdom and believes that Moroni is a true unknown genius.
I would have to agree after seeing the exhibition myself. The exhibition begins with a comparison of Moroni’s work with that of his master, another unknown genius from his time, and continues chronologically.
Where he really succeeds and causes a gasp here and there are with his use of the colour black. The photographs (courtesy of the Royal Academy of Art) do not even begin to do the master genius. You must go and see for yourself how Moroni was able to create brilliant textures and light and beauty with his use of the colour black.
This truly is, as Mr. Galansino explained, a truly delightful and comprehensive collection of some of Moroni’s best works from among his church pieces AND portraiture. Go visit the Royal Academy of Arts exhibition that is happening until the 25th of January 2015 and see for yourself the work hung side by side. Discover how Moroni’s religious works usually depict a worshipper in the position of a
witness to the sacred scene, as demonstrated by The Last Supper (1566-1569). See for yourself the richness of the detail and textures Moroni created in depicting the rich Renaissance clothing.

Opening Dates: Now – 25 January 2015
Times: 10am – 6pm daily; Fridays open until 10pm
Prices: £13.50 full price, concessions available and children under 16/Friends of the RA go free
A special shout out to the lovely bloggers I met on Friday, Erin, Nigel, Lizzie and Tabish
Erin, Lizzie, me, Curator Arturo Galansino, Tabish and Nigel