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Finding a musical that starts with “X” is a tough one! So I fudged. X is for XIV (aka Louis XIV: Le Roi Soleil).

It was thanks to this beautiful musical I first learned of Louis XIV’s first love, Marie Mancini. Marie did not consummate her relationship with the Sun King. His love for her was a somewhat idealistic one, but he was so besotted that he wanted to marry her. Eventually, Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria separated the couple, banishing Marie into exile and arranging for Louis’ marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain. In 1661, Marie was sent away to marry an Italian prince, Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna, who remarked after their wedding night that he was surprised to find her still a virgin.

Favorite Marie + Louis XIV Songs:
Encore du temps
Je fais de toi mon essentiel
S’aimer est interdit