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Finding a musical that starts with “X” is a tough one! So I fudged. X is for XIV (aka Louis XIV: Le Roi Soleil).

It was thanks to this beautiful musical I first learned of Louis XIV’s first love, Marie Mancini.

Marie Mancini

  • Marie did not consummate her relationship with the Sun King.
  • His love for her was a somewhat idealistic one, but he was so besotted that he wanted to marry her.
  • Eventually, Cardinal Mazarin and Anne of Austria separated the couple, banishing Marie into exile and arranging for Louis’ marriage to Maria Theresa of Spain.
  • In 1661, Marie was sent away to marry an Italian prince, Lorenzo Onofrio Colonna, who remarked after their wedding night that he was surprised to find her still a virgin.

Favorite Marie + Louis XIV Songs

  • Encore du temps
  • Je fais de toi mon essentiel
  • S’aimer est interdit

The Actress:

Anne Laure Girbal was born in the Réunion Island.
She played the character Marie Mancini from 2005-2007.
Now she has a solo music career under the name ‘Anne J‘.
The Joyous Living: Who was Marie Mancini from LE ROI SOLEIL? #atozchallenge