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Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a good Easter and Passover over the weekend? Today I want to share with you my all time favourite visits to the theatre. I usually prefer musicals but a good play will always win me over and that’s what happened when I got a ticket to see STRANGERS ON A TRAIN in London starring Jack Huston and Laurence Fox (“Inspector Lewis“, “Gosford Park“).

Every once in a while a performance will leave you so enraptured and gobsmacked and this was one such performance. Even 5 years later I am still dreaming of seeing something just as good. It really is unfortunate that this was not filmed for the general public to enjoy time and time again. I would have paid good money. Alas.

Check out my full review from 2014 here.

Laurence Fox’s facial emotions (his face beet red at numerous times) pulled on the heartstrings. His performance kept getting better and better throughout the entire show that by the end at curtain call, I was so weary and exhausted myself that I had a hard time standing for a much deserved standing ovation. That, my friends, is what I call a good and upstanding production when the audience is left pondering whatever weighty question or questions the characters have left you with as you exit the theatre and sit on the tube headed home. [London Theatre: Strangers on the Train]

Hope you enjoyed this throwback post. Strangers on a Train honestly was the best play I have ever experienced. I had troubles even rising from my seat I was so emotionally fatigued.