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Doctor tells you to start the AIP DIET? Yet, how in the world am I supposed to sift through all the autoimmune diseases books?

Amy Myers AIP Diet

When I was told by my doctor that I needed to try the AIP Diet, I immediately went to the library (virtual, in my case, thanks to Overdrive) in search of books! There were dozens of books about “autoimmune disease” and many suggested by their cover that they covered the AIP Diet. Thank goodness I had not bought these books with cash. Most I skimmed through and returned in a day’s time. They were confusing, not helpful and full of fluff.

The Only Book You Need to Learn About Autoimmune Diseases

Then, I discovered Dr. Amy Myers’ The Autoimmune Solution: Prevent and Reverse the Full Spectrum of Inflammatory Symptoms and Diseases. Suddenly things begin to make sense!

Dr. Myers is straight-forward and offers a clear plan for how to move forward. Hallelujah. No more confusion.

The book is broken in to four parts – The Autoimmune Epidemic, Get to the Root, Learn the Tools and Live the Solution. She also includes 7 appendixes on topics such as toxic mold, detoxifying your home, and improving your sleep.

Personally, I believe this book is worth its weight in gold due to the supplements and thirty-day meal plan. Even if you continue with the diet past the 30 initial days (as is common for those with autoimmune diseases), you have a great variety of recipes worth trying and checking out!

The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook is a Life Savor!

Dr. Myers also has a great cookbook that I find extremely helpful and refer to most every day now that I do not need to refer so much to Dr. Myers’ other book.

The Autoimmune Solution Cookbook is broken into 4 parts – Live the Solution, Ingredients and Kitchen Tools, Nourishing You and Your Family, The Myers Way for Life.

I especially find helpful, the “foods to enjoy” and “foods to toss” lists. I have printed the lists and they sit on the kitchen counter so I can easily refer to it when rummaging around the kitchen for AIP compliant spices and foods.

FYI – since starting the AIP diet, I have found that there are other schools of thought that say NO to black pepper. Amy Myers gives her readers the green light to use black pepper (despite peppers being on the NO list) in their cooking.

Granted, some recipes to do not seem to work well and that’s where blogs have an advantage and the ability to make alterations to the recipes due to comments from readers. For example, I found the Cassava tortillas recipe to be very difficult to roll out and remove to the skillet – too wet? Had to add some extra flour.

My Favorite 4 Recipes from Dr. Amy Myers

My favorite 4 AIP Diet recipes from Dr. Myers have to be:

Chicken Nuggets are excellent for nights when you want something ‘special’ when the rest of the household has take-out – Super Easy and taste great dipped in some unsweetened applesauce.

Vegetable Fried “Rice” (I add chicken to mine and love how much it reminds me of the real deal. If only I could add some egg.) – I prefer this recipe to her Chicken Pad Thai because the Pad Thai tastes like you are eating a plateful of veggies whereas this fried “rice” tastes much more authentic.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon has become my go to recipe for breakfast with a few alterations – For breakfast I skip the Dijon mustard, maple syrup, and roast the sprouts in avocado oil and garlic while frying my nitrate-free bacon (Applegate’s No Sugar Uncured Bacon is Whole 30 and AIP approved) before adding the sprouts to the fry pan with the bacon for the final 5 minutes. Sometimes I’ll even add some mushrooms. DELICIOUS!!!

The Perfect Fast Man Burgers are delicious! And super easy to make! When I first started the AIP Diet, I was craving a burger (With a bun, sadly) and these satisfied the craving when topped with homemade guacamole or grilled onions. Delicious !!


I have been on the AIP Diet since January 2nd and my doctor suggests I’ll be on the diet until at least April 1st. Hopefully we can start adding things back into my diet (like eggs, yum!) in April just in time for my birthday. Fingers crossed. At first it was tough but once I found Dr. Myers’ cookbook, I was ‘saved’ and literally became a huge fan of Brussel Sprouts eating them every morning and so grateful for the huge helping of recipes (many I haven’t even tried yet!) she has in both her books.

She even has recipes for FREE that you can download off her website such as this tempting Chocolate Tart. (P.S. According to her book, 100 percent cacao is approved and in her shop online, she recommends a “double chocolate” paleo protein that is reported to taste like homemade double chocolate brownie pie. Yum!)

Above all – I appreciate that Dr. Myers’ books are straightforward and easy to follow and understand. She loves lists and charts including a very helpful “Specific Diet Chart” in the cookbook that tells you whether a recipe is autoimmune friendly, thyroid friendly, candida, SIBO and/or Low Histamine.

And you will too!!

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