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T.G.I.F.! Have you been following my A to Z Challenge story this month? What a journey! I have been studying and trying to give a voice for child abuse and sexual assault awareness this month.

Today, I am excited to introduce: SHADOW. Shadow is my beautiful German/Australian Shepherd mix dog, and what a beauty she is!

Dog Therapy:

Dog/Pet therapy is probably one of the best ways I personally know of to move from victim to survivor. If you have ever been through a traumatizing time, you know that a furry friend can be your best advocate in times of silence.


There were dozens of times when I was knee-deep in tissues and my face looked like a punching bag thanks to all the tears. And who was always there for me? Shadow. As if she has a sixth sense, Shadow would come to find me and burrow in close for a cuddle. And this a dog who does not like to be cuddled close.


At Safe Haven, their dogs are seen as excellent therapists for child abuse victims because they:

  • Do not judge
  • Can provide safe, non-threatening touch & channel for communication
  • What a child sees is what they get
  • A four-legged spa

Let’s Talk:

Do you have a four-legged pal? Are they always good for a safe and comforting hug?

The Joyous Living: Dogs Make Some of the Best Therapists #atozchallenge

P.S. In no way am I suggesting you do NOT visit an actual therapist when necessary.