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A big thank you to Alexa Rose Margolis who joins us today for a special Q&A about her favorite parts of summer  theatre camps PLUS some fabulous tips and advise! She is currently in Hillcrest Players’ Summer Musical Theatre Camp doing Annie Jr. with Frank Laguardia.


#1. Getting to Put Things to the Stage!

Tech Week and the first week in the theatre are two of the best parts of Musical Theatre Camp because you get to run through the show with costumes, makeup, lights and mics. It’s so fun to put things on to the stage in the actual place versus some place else.

#2. Talent Show is so Much Fun!

Talent show is so much fun! I just sang Best Day of My Life and For the First Time in Forever from Frozen the Musical. I did one by myself and one with my friend who plays Pepper on the last night of the show (14 July 2019, 1pm).

#3. Theme Days Rock!

Alexa Margolis Crazy Hair Day
Alexa Margolis on Crazy Hair Day (c) Margolis Family.

I love crazy hair day and pajama day.

#4. First Days of Camp

During the first few days, you’re separated into four groups with names correlating to the show like “the orphanage”. You go to two stations before snack and two stations after snack. There’s one with Mr. Laguardia, one with dance, one with acting and one with singing.

Alexa Margolis and Mr. Laguardia
Alexa Margolis and Mr. Laguardia (c) Margolis Family.

I like dancing and Mr. Laguardia the best. Our time with Mr. Laguardia is when we go over our audition packets.

#4 Pieces of ADVICE

#1. Auditions Are NOT Scary

You have 3-4 days to get your audition stuff together and you don’t have to memorize the songs and dialogue but it’s good to memorize it so you can show them that you can.

There’s no need to be nervous or afraid. Even if  you are, just be in the moment during your audition and it’s just fun!

In my camp, Mr. Laguardia records your audition so you can learn from it.

TIP #1: If the rest of camp is watching your audition, know that they are as nervous as you are!

TIP #2: Even if it is your first year at camp, you can still get a lead role. This is the first year for the girl playing ANNIE.

TIP #3: I do a lot of research online about what I need to learn for the roles, take voice lessons and acting lessons on the side. When I was Jane Banks in Mary Poppins Jr. I did a lot of private lessons to perfect the English accent. And for Anne Jr. I worked with my voice coach to prepare for the audition songs of Maybe and Tomorrow.

Alexa Margolis as Jane Banks

#2. Encouragement: Any Role is Awesome!

Know that you might not get the role you audition for but that’s totally okay. You can’t expect that.

Alexa Margolis LION KING JR
Alexa Margolis in Lion King Jr. (c) Margolis Family.

I wanted to play Anna in my school’s production of Frozen Jr. but got middle Elsa (“Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”). I never got my dream roles (Anna in Frozen, Jasmine in Aladdin, and Annie in Annie) yet but that’s totally fine with me. I wasn’t sad about it. Next year I probably will get a good role in the school production because I’ll be in 5th grade so that’s something to look forward to.

I loved playing Jane Banks in Mary Poppins when I was 8 years old. In total I’ve been in ELEVEN shows (Annie Jr. is my 11th show).

#3. Making Friends Isn’t Scary

Next year i’m going to be 11 in the older camp. I know a few people in the older camp but I will have to make new friends. Everyone’s so friendly that it shouldn’t be a problem.

The girl playing ANNIE this year is new and she’s fit right in without any troubles.

#4. Memorizing Made Easier

I record myself and recite all the other lines and when it is my line I say it after the recording. I learned it from Marissa (my big sister).

Alexa Margolis as Jane Banks
Alexa Margolis as Jane Banks (c) Margolis Family.

A huge thank you to our amazing guest, Miss Alexa Rose Margolis, for her time and fabulous words of wisdom. Amazing to think she’s only 10!

If you’re in town, come on out and see her as Grace Farrell on Saturday, 7/13 at 7pm, or Star-to-Be on Sunday, 7/14 at 1pm!

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The Joyous Living Alexa Margolis QA The Joyous Living Alexa Margolis QA Theatre Camp

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Disclaimer: This interview is not affiliated with Hillcrest Players’ Summer Musical Theatre Camp but was done with the gracious support and cooperation of Miss Alexa Rose’s parents.