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Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was crazy but with some very exciting details thrown in so I will be sharing soon. In the meanwhile, time to talk about our favorite man – DAD. Do you have plans for Father’s Day? Racking your brain for gift ideas? Pull up a chair because I have a few random yet thoughtful ideas that might just work.

1. Gadgets

Has your dad recently upgraded his dinosaur of an iphone and all his gadgets are 30pin? Perhaps instead of dishing out $$$$$ for new gadgets that use lightning connectors, how about an adapter??

This relatively inexpensive adapter is an “Amazon Choice” with 4 stars. The manufacturers even have a list of compatible devices and the list is long so hopefully your dad’s gadgets (or yours!) will be on the list and that saves a trip to Goodwill and $$$$ on new gadgets.

2. New Tools for the BBQ

Does dad love to hang out by his BBQ this summer? How about a new set of grill tools for a new summer? And if you want to really cheese it up, there are several DAD options on Amazon.

3. Start a New Book Series

Does your dad love to read? Mine does and so this next suggestion is dedicated to him. If your dad loves thrillers, terrorist plots, action, adventure, American patriotism and/or political fiction he might just LOVE “Mitch Rapp” the beloved character of the late Vince Flynn.

Mitch is a clandestine operative for the American government and “American Assassin” may be the 11th book in the series but is the story of his journey to work with the CIA.

Also, you could tie in the gift of the book with the movie starring Michael Keaton as mentor Stan Hurley and David Suchet (Poirot) as the CIA Director Stansfield.

4. An Adventure

And don’t forget the option of an adventure! I took my dad whale watching thanks to Island Packers in Oxnard, California, in 2017 and it was INCREDIBLE. And they are accessible!! As is the incredible DA VINCI exhibit I reviewed last week at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

I hope these have been helpful suggestions and best wishes finding a way to make dad feel loved and special! x

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