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Take a bus to Chiswick and after a short walk, you will find yourself at an unmarked gate leading to the Chiswick House and Gardens. Walk along the path and you’ll find yourself beholden to a gorgeous man-made lake (originally a stream) where families and couples alike snooze and enjoy the sunshine and peaceful environment.

If you continue down the path you will come up to the house (which was actually a villa designed by the Earl of Burlington).

These sphinx are copies made in 2006; the originals are in Green Park.

The breathtaking staircase.

The fathers of landscape – Inigo Jones and Andrea Palladio – outside the main entrance.

In the back of the villa, you will encounter the shrubs and gardens that are known as the birthplace for the English landscape movement.

The Chiswick Obelisk was erected in 1732.

Alternating cypresses and stone urns line the Exedra and pay homage to ancient Rome.

Photos are not allowed in the house but a walk-through is most definitely encouraged. Natasha and I managed to join an hour and a half long tour given by a volunteer which was very interesting and educational peppered with great details we might not have learned otherwise. National Art Pass holders get free admission.

The Gorgeous Floral

I would be amiss not to mention the gorgeous floral around the gardens.
Fragrant and beautiful!

Pet Friendly

In addition to all the families and couples we ran into at the Chiswick House and Gardens there were some darling four-legged guests — *too* adorable for words. Natasha and I made friends easily with them all.

Wildlife at the Lake

And we cannot forget about the gorgeous wildlife on the lake.

So get going, friends! If you are in London, you will want to visit Chiswick House and Gardens this summer during the great weather — might be zone 2 but feels like you are in the countryside — and while you’re at it, make time for a picnic or siesta by the lake. You won’t regret it.

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