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Exciting news. Princess Beatrice is engaged! Seems just yesterday her sister Princess Eugenie was married. And now another royal wedding is about to happen!

In honor of her stunning engagement photos (taken by her sister!) I wanted to share my #OOTD – a gorgeous 3 quarter sleeve dress by Hearts and Roses London (sadly it’s sold out) and give you 3 fabulous reasons you’ll want to check out their dresses on Zulily.

#1. Affordability!

Would you believe I bought this gorgeous dress for $9.99??? There are numerous dresses available at the incredible price point of $9.99. Plus, if you plan ahead, you can take advantage of Zulily’s 24-hour shipping rate (1 flat fee for all purchases on the same day).

The Joyous Living: Hearts and Roses London Dresses are so Affordable

#2. Design.

For $9.99 you would be worried that the dresses wouldn’t hold up well. Thankfully that is NOT true. I have had 2 Hearts and Roses London dresses (not worn here) for over a year and they still wear wonderfully and look great. You would have a hard time going through my closet trying to figure out which ones are new and which ones I’ve had for a year.

The Joyous Living: Zulily Hearts and Roses London Dress are so well made.

#3. Feminine and Flattering.

I love that Hearts and Roses London dresses are so feminine and flattering to all body shapes and sizes. I have gained weight in the 5 years since I got sick (lost 35 pounds since April though!) and love the flattering cut that cinches in my waist and flows out from the hip.

The Joyous Living: Zulily's Hearts and Roses London Dresses are so Feminine and Flattering.

p.s. you can machine wash these dresses! If you lack the patience and strength to hand wash your clothes – you’re in luck!

The Joyous Living: Zulily's Hearts and Roses London is a must try!

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