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During my parents’ stay in London, I was lucky enough to try some great eateries including the Young’s pub at Brook Green Hotel in Hammersmith. The ambiance was delightful and cheerful so we settled in for a couple drinks while waiting for food.
 All the tables were colourful and inviting.
 Real flowers enhanced the ambiance at each table.
Our only complaint (and it is a big one) was the time it took for our food to arrive to the table. We arrived when the dining room was only a 1/4 full and yet our food did not make an appearance for an hour and twenty minutes. Incredible! No apologies or explanations were made either.
Thankfully the food was good — very good — so our minds were distracted. In fact, the burger was perhaps one of the best we had ever had.
FYI – In contrast to American restaurants, Caesar salads in London come with anchovies.
So would I recommend the place? Yes. The ambiance and food were excellent with the only caveat being check with the kitchen on the estimated cooking time before ordering or you might be in for a long and unfortunate wait.