WR Kitchen & Bar: 3 Delightful and Delicious Reasons to Visit!

The Joyous Living: A Delicious Review of WR Kifchen & Bar in Laguna Niguel

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Have you ever been to WR Kitchen + Bar? Actually, have you even heard of it? If you answered no to the questions, you are in good company because neither had I. So imagine my delight when we were passing by during a visit to Laguna Niguel recently around dinner time.

Official Description:

WR Kitchen & Bar is casual dining at its best. Comfortably dine with family and friends while enjoying much of the same great American food and drinks you’re accustomed to getting at Wood Ranch. In addition, we’ve worked hard over the past two years innovating several delicious and unique new food and drink items that we’re confident will excite you too.


When you walk up the (long) accessible ramp from the parking lot and into the restaurant you immediately can sense the connection between Wood Ranch and WR Kitchen + Bar based on the decor.


The Joyous Living: WR Kitchen & Bar Review

Instead of a hostess you are greeted by a clapboard sign that says to grab a menu and order at the bar (there is a specific location at the bar with a sign indicating food orders should be made there) and take a seat (inside and outside options).

We chose the outside patio and it was rustically decorated (to go with the overall ambiance) and had large TVs to watch the ball game and a combination of tables including high tops, long family style tables and lounge chairs.


The Joyous Living: WR Kitchen & Bar Offers a Casual alternative to Wood Ranch with Self Serve.

For those who chose to drink water, there are bottles of water and plastic glasses on a shelf next to the menus when you first walk in. Feel free to grab a bottle or two and take them to your table.

The Joyous Living: WR Kitchen & Bar Offers a Casual alternative to Wood Ranch with Self Serve.

If you want the famous Wood Ranch rolls, you will have to pay up (unlike at the main restaurant). You can get 2 rolls in a cute caste iron skillet for $1.

The Joyous Living: WR Kitchen & Bar Offers a Casual alternative to Wood Ranch with Self Serve.

I chose to have their Carolina Pulled Pork Tacos (per the recommendation of the employee) and they were DELICIOUS! For $12, you get 3 tacos that are loaded with pickled onions, cilantro, cabbage, salsa verde, avocado. The tacos were served on a carving tray that certainly added positively to the ambiance.

The menu also includes Wood Ranch classics such as tri tip, baby back ribs, salmon, sandwiches and tacos with an assortment of appetizers and side dishes.



28061 Greenfield Dr.
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

(949) 342-4740


I would happily return to try WR Kitchen & Bar again! The food was delicious. Prices were reasonable. Ambiance was relaxing and enjoyable.

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  1. Sounds like a great place to dine. It is nice that they have outdoor seating. We like places like that – good food, cozy ambiance and a table out on the patio.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience, this is sich a great review. Their garlic bread looks so tasty.. 😘 surekha~dreamingloud

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