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Good morning! I’m back with another episode of my WHOLE LUNG LAVAGE report. I hope you enjoyed and found my first part and second part useful and informative.

We left off with my praise for the sixth floor nursing staff…

So what is happening between and after each lavage?

My throat was very sore – especially the day of the lavage – as I had been forewarned (due to the large tubes that were put down my throat during the lavage). Throat lozenges (eg. Halls) are very helpful as are the constant jugs of water the nurses brought me. I don’t know what the Sahara Desert feels like but I sure was using that analogy a lot to describe the dryness of my throat and thirst.

Likewise, I was having a terrible cough that has just begun to calm down yesterday (13 days since my last lavage). I just have a tickle in my throat and am using an inhaler to help with the cough but it is not nearly as severe a cough as before. An inhaler, nebulizer and the above mentioned throat lozenges have been the best aids.

In the hospital I had terrible constipation as is natural after a procedure. I was given a stool softener and Miralax that usually works for me but it wasn’t until I took Milk of Magnesia on Wednesday night that I had any relief on Thursday morning.

The night after the procedure I was taken off oxygen and able to function in hospital on room air for a good percentage of the time I was there. It was tough to take deep breathes though and similar to right after my biopsy I had pain in my chest/rib-cage. The main exercise they had me doing in hospital involved a a lung exerciser similar to the one below. At first I could hardly get the first ball up but as I kept practicing I was able to get all three balls up. The exerciser helps open the lung airways and made it easier for me to breathe easier and cough less and the pain in my chest/rib-cage is not as constant.

Going into the procedure I had dozens of questions and did not find answers on-line so hopefully this has been helpful!

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