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Happy New Years, loves. I hope you enjoyed my latest book review from last week (Defiant Joy by Stasi Eldredge). This week I wanted to share with you a WHAT’S IN MY BAG feature.

Now that I have been on oxygen 24/7 for my fourth month consecutive, I have gotten the hang of carrying all my essentials around. Thanks to The Oaks Mall, I have this gorgeous and sturdy tan colored bag (see above) that I can carry around. But do not be surprised if it weighs a TON! That’s because I am needing to carry my portable oxygen machine not to mention the car charger and for long days such as when I recently went to Cedars-Sinai for the day on 26 December I took my backup battery (not pictured).

With all those essentials in my bag I hardly have any more room but alas I can fit in my portable stepping stool that serves as a foot rest. Due to my inability to sit at a ninety degree position for long without pain in the legs, I find my step stool to be invaluable when going out to dinner, church, the theater, etc. And since it folds up so nicely, I can get it into my bag (just barely) + my disabled person parking placard that is a huge help.

But what about my other essentials, you say? Aka the stuff you keep in a purse. Well I am already lugging this heavy bag on one shoulder so I cannot manage a purse on my other shoulder. If I had more strength and less pain perhaps I could but that is not the case here so for Christmas my mum and dad got me my new favourite accessory – a TINYAT travel fanny pack. I carry my small wallet  (that I bought in London, ahh memories), phone, chapstick, keys (not shown) and wrist braces. It’s a tight fit, for sure, but I am glad to say I have found a way to lug all my stuff around town. 😀

Hope this has been helpful and insightful for you! And now when you see my lugging my bag around you can sympathize for me, lol. Until next time,

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