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Last month I had the pleasure of attending my best friend’s brother’s wedding at the Westlake Hyatt. I have known this amazing guy since he was a little one and love him like a brother so it was a true treat but what is certain to interest my lovely readers is the meal. Many weddings it seems like the meal is either overcooked, undercooked, bland or well just blah.
This was in fact a truly beautiful and tasty feast. Guests had three options for the main course and I chose the vegetarian option as in the past that has served me well being the most tasty and filling. I was not left disappointed.
In fact, my brother’s girlfriend who is a practicing vegetarian was full of compliments for the entree and licked the sauce off her spoon (ladylike, of course).
If you are looking for a wedding venue that promises a delicious meal, check out the Westlake Hyatt. I am clueless about cost and etc. but I can promise the meal will be well worth the buck.
And of course here I am with the handsome and fabulous groom… So happy for the lovely couple.
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