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Looking for Cheap Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans?

Excited to share all about Ultra Mobile PayGo that T-Mobile offers as I count down till I get my US Government Lifeline FREE mobile from TruConnect next week, I want to give out a huge shout out to T-Mobile for their fabulous Pay-As-You-Go plan that allowed my parents to help me be safe and have a mobile plan when out and about at doctor appointments.


If you too have a tight or non-existent financial income meaning you can not afford the hefty iPhone and SmartPhone plans that abound, you are not alone. If you are looking for cheap pay as you go cell phone plans, you’ll want to look into T-Mobile.

Keep Your Own Smart Phone

T-Mobile allows you to use your existing SmartPhone with its Pay-As-You-Go plans.

As of August 2018, the benefits of a T-Mobile Pay as You Go Plan:

$3 per month includes 30 minutes of talk or 30 text messages or any combination of two, up to 30 and lets you keep your phone number from month to month. Any additional texts and/or minutes are $0.10 each.

Sign Up Online or By Phone

Don’t make the same mistake I did. This offer is NOT available in a T-Mobile storefront. It can however be purchased by phone (1-877-464-8646) or online.

Easy peasy and financially a lifesaver. Just enough minutes and texts to help you stay safe when on the road and at doctors’ offices.

2020 – Ultra Mobile Update

If you’re looking for T-Mobile’s pay as you go plan that I shared in 2018, you can find it at their new site (Ultra Mobile). And the benefits are so much better even!

Ultra Mobile PayGo gives you

  • 100 minutes of talk
  • 100 texts AND
  • 100MB 4G LTE data

for only $3 per month.

Hotspot Options

Data can be used for Mobile Hotspot.

Can I Keep My Phone Number?

Yes! With Ultra Mobile, you can keep your phone number when activating online.

How to Get Additional Minutes, Texts and Data

Once you reach 100, additional minutes are just 3 cents each, texts are 1 cent each and data is 3 cents per MB.

Where to Buy a PayGo Plan?

Unlike the original plan I had, this plan can be bought IN STORE!

According to their website – PayGo plans can only be purchased at select T-Mobile retail stores.

How to Activate Ultra Mobile

To activate your PayGo plan: insert your SIM card and complete an option on your phone.

To keep you current number: Visit

To get a new number: Text GOGO and your ZIP code to 6700 or visit

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Pay As You Go Cell Phone Plans. Learn about Ultra Mobile PayGo. Cheapest Cell phone plan if you're tight on money. Being on disability shouldn't prevent you from getting a cell phone plan Learn how you can get a cell phone plan for $3 a month!

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Thanks, T-Mobile! You’ve been a lifesaver for these last few years while I’ve been driving back and forth to doctor appointments.