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Have you ever listened to a soundtrack dreaming of the day you’d see the show live? Well, I’m either a huge nerd or that is quite normal. Lol. Thinking of all the amazing talent and great shows I’ve seen as a blogger and theatre-goer over the last 20+ years, it got me thinking what shows I’d pay big bucks to see live.

4 musicals I would pay good money to see live:


#1. Bernard J. Taylor’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE

I fell in love with the studio soundtrack starring Claire Moore (Elizabeth Bennet) and Peter Karrie (Mr. Darcy) when I was in high school. Claire Moore quickly became one of my all-time favorite actresses and singers and I was a total fan girl in university when I saw her as Mme. Thenardier in Les Miserables on The West End. She even said I had more of her recordings than she did. LOL. Those two can sing the phone book for all I care.

So that is definitely part of my love for the musical version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice but another has to be the great anthems Bernard J. Taylor wrote for his leads including:

  • No Design on Love (Jane)
  • Through the Eyes of a Child (Mr. Bingley)
  • Don’t Ask Me Why (Darcy)
  • Should I Be Flattered? (Elizabeth, Darcy)
  • Have I Been Wrong? (Elizabeth)
  • I Need to Know (Elizabeth, Darcy)

and the comedic numbers for Collins and Lady de Bourge are terrific too.

So yes, I would pay good money to see a production of this show.

Wishful Casting (trying to be age appropriate):

Ventura County: 

Devery Holmes as Mrs. Bennet

Dale Alpert as Mr. Bennet

Alison Rosenblum as Elizabeth

Janelle Phaneuf as Jane

Brent Ramirez as Darcy

Cameron Liljekvist as Bingley

Ezra Eells as Collins

Vincent Perez as Wickham


Faith Prince as Mrs. Bennet

Marissa McGowan as Elizabeth

Laura Osnes as Jane

Dallyn Vail Bayles as Darcy

Derek Klena as Bingley

West End:

Aoife Mulholland OR Siobhan Dillon as Elizabeth

Michael Xavier as Darcy

Lee Mead as Bingley

Sophie Evans as Jane

Claire Moore as Lady de Bourge

#2. Rebecca das Musical

I have loved the story of Rebecca since reading Daphne du Maurier’s novel and seeing Laurence Olivier as Maxim de Winter. I have since got my hands on every adaptation possible including James Mason, Charles Dance (whom I had a crush on as a teen watching the miniseries), and my current favorite despite having some startling changes to the story – Alessio Boni (Rebecca la Prima Moglie, Region 2 DVD). Thankfully Americans can watch my favorite version on RaiPlay here.

So when I heard of the musical in 2006 no surprise – i bought the CD of Uwe Kroger as Maxim and swore by his performance for years until I heard Thomas Borchert (YouTube) and Jan Ammann in 2012. I was ready to buy my tickets to get to New York when the show was twice scheduled to go on Broadway but we all know that dreadful story which makes it highly unlikely we’ll see them try to stage a 3rd production but perhaps a regional show?

Ventura County Wishful Casting:

Maxim Brent Ramirez

Ich Siena Avila

Mrs Danvers Devery Holmes

#3. Romeo et Juliette

Romeo et Juliette was probably the first European musical I fell head long for. I had enjoyed Notre Dame de Paris but nothing like Romeo et Juliette. My “obsession” was such I have now acquired the soundtracks from the French, Asian tour (in French), German, Italian, Polish and English productions. I have also bought the DVD in Region 0 for the French production starring Damien Sargue. Sadly I cannot find any of the albums or the DVD available on Amazon right now but a YouTube search will allow you to witness the gorgeous score and production.

With a few lyrical changes, the show would do well in English. It’s been so well translated into European and Asian dialects.

Ventura County Wishful Casting:

Capulet: Ray Mastrovito

Nurse: Devery Holmes

Juliet: Siena Avila

Romeo: Vincent Perez


#4. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Aspects of Love

I have long thought Aspects of Love was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s most romantic score – even over Phantom of the Opera (gasp) – and grew up as a teen crushing on Michael Ball like girls before me crushed on Donny Osmond and millennials later obsessed on New Direction. It is vocal chamber music at its best especially when accompanied by a full orchestra as was the case with the OLC recording.

I even used Jenny’s story from Aspects of Love to start a modern screenplay in university and have returned to the story time and time again in my writings.

Sadly I missed the 2008 staged reading of Aspects of Love by Musical Theatre Guild starring Kim Huber.

Wishful Dreaming:

Ventura County:

Alex Vincent Perez

George David Gilchrist

Rose Janelle Phaneuf, Genevieve Levin

Giulietta Dawn Michelle

10 year old Jenny: Mia Brown, Alexa Margolis

14-15 year old Jenny: Marissa Margolis

The Joyous Living: 4 Musicals I'd Love to See Live

There you have it… 4 shows I would give good money to see live.

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