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Most everyone loves a good love story, yes? I certainly do and that was what I was able to dive into this afternoon thanks to the well-written memoir by Ray and Betty Whipps, ‘Til We Meet Again.

From the first page when present-day Ray was recounting a nightmare he had of the war to the last page when Ray imparted a “simple bit of advice” I was hooked.

Til We Meet Again Book Cover

Ray Whipps tells his story of fighting as an infantryman in the trenches and foxholes of Normandy, Paris, Belgium and the “good injury” that led to his meeting Nurse Betty (his future wife). I won’t spoil the story nor your chance to experience first-hand the powerful memoir of two souls who met against all odds in war torn France. Even if you don’t believe in God, some part of you has to agree that there was a higher power that wanted these two to come together. You’ll just have to read for yourself to get all the juicy details because I hate to even spoil it this much for you.

For those of you who are concerned about this being a Christian book, I would agree that Ray appears to be a devout believer who speaks honestly about how his faith has gotten him through the war and life’s tough days but I don’t believe this book will come across as preachy so please do give it a try!

‘Til We Meet Again is published by Tyndale and brilliantly written with the help of Englishman Craig Borlase.

The Joyous Living Rating

4 1/2 Stars.

I would love to give the book a 5 star rating but I really wanted photographs! Hopefully there will be more photos with the next edition.

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Til We Meet Again