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Looking for my review of the live action The Little Mermaid movie?

You are going to want to SWIM over to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza to see Cabrillo Music Theatre‘s incredible production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid!

It is without a doubt the best production I have ever seen at Cabrillo Music Theatre and I thought that honour went to last season’s gorgeous Mary Poppins but nope Alison Bagli and cast are perfection in this regional production of The Little Mermaid.

Lawrence Cummings & Cast. (c) Cabrillo Music Theatre.

The Cast

A+. The entire cast brings their A game to the show and in rousing numbers such as “Under the Sea” you might as well feel as if you were at a Broadway or West End production. Dynamic performances from everyone but special shout-outs go to Alison Bagli who sings like any true Disney princess and has off the charts chemistry with leading man (Conor Guzman), Lawrence Cummings (Sebastian) who nearly brought the house down on opening night with his showstopper performances of “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” (that high note was A-mazing!),  Debbie Prutzman (Ursula) who has just the right combination of sass and vocal prowess and the delightfully precious children’s chorus!

My only disappointment has to be that Flounder was played by an adult (Michael Kennedy) because his solo during “She’s in Love” felt flat and lacked the innocence and charm of the original production on Broadway. But all in all, Cabrillo put together a great cast, including showcasing the talents of local talent, Lyrissa Leininger (Adella) & Missy Marion (Andrina)!


A+. Larry Raben expertly brings the beloved 1989 movie to life on the Fred Kavli stage. And huge props to him for his decision to use the children’s chorus in numerous scenes. The only weakness (if any) would have to be the choice to use flying harnesses. Unfortunately, it seemed that the actors who were ‘flying’ had their back to the audience the majority of the time on opening night. Hopefully this small technicality will have been fixed by now. Heather Castillo (Choreographer) created standout numbers such as “Under the Sea”, “Positoovity” and “One Step Closer” and gave the entire cast (from child to star) plenty of opportunities to shine individually and as a group.


A++! Wow!! Everyone who attended opening weekend has been talking about the gorgeous costumes and elaborate sets. You might just have to pick your jaw off the floor when you see it too!

the little mermaid.
Alison Bagli & Debbie Prutzman. (c) Cabrillo Music Theatre.

I am so thrilled and happy that Cabrillo Music Theatre was able to bring this gem of a Disney musical to the Thousand Oaks stage and cannot more strongly urge you dear readers to run, walk or swim to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza for a chance to be just as enchanted. You will not regret it.

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Disney's the little mermaid musical

Disclaimer: I had my ticket comped for review purposes but all opinions are my own.