The Last Thanksgiving of the Current Decade

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Can you believe it? Today is the last American Thanksgiving of the 2010’s!  Soon it will be 2020 and a new decade full of memories will begin. The 2010s have been a rollercoaster of drama and emotion and health issues so I thought while cooped up at home (sick with the stomach flu) I would share my TOP 10 memories I’m thankful for since 2010. And I’d love to hear from you in the comments below some of your favorite memories (especially if they involve me hehe).

Top 10+ Memories from 2010-2019:


The Joyous Living: Giving Thanks for a Great Decade

My Walt Disney World roommate, Jenna, came to town and we spent the week in LA doing everything touristy from The Getty to The Grove to Universal City Walk to Micelis Restaurant.


  • My bestie Laurie was pregnant with her first child and I got to co-host a baby shower (with my mum’s help).
  • I got to volunteer at my first ever LA Ovation Awards alongside my friend Veronica.


The Joyous Living: Afternoon Tea at Chesterfield Mayfair

  • I visited London and Paris with one of my university besties, Stephie, for New Years 2012. We had such a fun time exploring all parts of London and Paris as well as visiting the fun Harry Potter exhibit at Harrod’s.
  • I also got to go to CLUB 33 with my co-workers from The Bridge in October 2012. What a dream come true!



2014 was a bitter-sweet year with the most amazing experiences as a MA candidate at University of Westminster and blogger in London. I made some amazing lifelong friends, saw some of my all-time favorite museums and theatre shows, traveled to Berlin for the first time, and was able to volunteer at Highgate Cemetery and Handel House.

Unfortunately it was also the year when I got terribly sick in October (thinking it was tonsillitis) and ended up having to go home to America due to my declining health.


I was able to start reviewing Ventura County theatre including Juliana Hansen in Disney’s Mary Poppins and Marissa Margolis in The Secret Garden.


I was invited to experience my 1st SantaHQ at The Oaks Mall with my friend Ashley. This (2019) is our 4th year enjoying what has quickly become one of my favorite adult Christmas traditions.


I adopted the sweetest and most loyal and faithful rescue dog, Captain Hastings Alyosha. He was the saddest looking dog at Life Animal Rescue when I was walking around with my dad and I felt that we needed each other and could help one another. I was right. He has blossomed thanks to love and I have gotten through many dark days thanks to his love.


2018 was a tough year with quite a few stays at the hospital for pneumonia and lung health. I ended up having a biopsy in October and while that doesn’t seem like a positive, I am grateful because it led to my getting a diagnosis this year and treatments that have me off oxygen on good days.


I had two international visitors at the beginning of the year come visit me. I had such an amazing time catching up with my girlfriends and felt soooo loved that they’d take time to visit me when I was at one of my weakest moments (blimp’d on prednisone and getting ready for my first lung lavage at Cedars-Sinai).

The Joyous Living: Giving Thanks for Memories from the Last Decade

That was a fun project because it helped me look back and see all the great things I’ve been able to experience. And look at all the great friends I’ve shared these experiences with. I am thankful this Thanksgiving and hope and pray your last decade has been a blessing too.

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  1. Nnniiiccceeeeee….I love how you have managed to list down the most important events to every Thanksgiving you have had over the last decade. It’s kind of nostalgic but good. It will give you a better direction for the next decade.

  2. There are so many things to be thankful for this past decade. It may not have been all nice and beautiful, but we can still be thankful for those experiences that helped shaped the “we” that we are today.

  3. These are truly wonderful memories and thank you sharing these. I enjoyed reading your post. So happy to hear that you found your furry bestfriend and I admire you for adopting one. I remember that when I got my little furball — he was also the saddest looking dog.

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