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It’s here! The wait is over and Disney’s The Jungle Book is leaping off the screen starting tonight!

And trust me, you are not going to want to miss this awe-inspiring live-action remake of the beloved animated film.

Top Ten Reasons To See The Jungle Book!

1. Visually stunning. Think The Avatar but 10x better!

Neel Sethi & Bagheera (Sir Ben Kingsley). Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

2. Bill Murray!!

The man makes Baloo his own and adds his trademark charm and humor to the role. And he is proof that talking animals can work if properly done as is the case here.

Neel Sethi & Baloo (Bill Murray). Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

3. Neel Sethi is genius.

This young boy is going far! He carries the film from start to finish with his adorableness, charm, sensitivity and chemistry with the vocal talents of Sir Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray and Lupita Nyong’o.

Neel Sethi & Gray (Brighton Rose). Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

4. Sir Ben Kingsley.

Is there any role that man cannot conquer? He is perfect as the authoritative Bagheera with just the right amount of humor and loving compassion.

Sir Ben Kingsley. Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

5. Bill Murray sings “Bare Necessities”!!

6. It’s all in the details!

The team of more than 800 computer graphics artists spent over a year making more than 70 species and crafting 100 million leaves!! You want to lean out of your chair and step into the lush jungle the animators have created for our pleasure.

Neel Sethi and Bagheera (Sir Ben Kingsley). Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

7. In 3D (the necessary way to see this movie!), the jungles and animals literally jump off the screen.

You might just find yourself jumping once or twice out of your own chair (no spoilers).

8. The animators outdid themselves in adding characteristics from the voice actors to the live-action characters.

It is incredible seeing the actors in each of the characters they portray.

Shere Khan and Idris Elba. Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

9. It is an excellent prequel to my favorite, Disney’s The Jungle Book (1994 live-action film starring Jason Scott Lee and Lena Headey), aside from one glaring discrepancy. You can find The Jungle Book on Amazon Instant Video.

Jungle Book on Amazon Instant Video

10. It bears repeating… this is one of the most beautiful visual feasts in cinematography!

Photo Courtesy of Walt Disney Studios.

So go! I repeat GO and get your tickets before they sell out. This is one feature you will not want to miss!!

Title: The Jungle Book
Release Date: 15 April 2016
Rating: PG (for some sequences of scary action and peril)
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios
The Joyous Living Rating: 10/10

Kid Friendliness (according to The Joyous Living): Upper Elementary/Primary School Age Kids. There are some frightening scenes of violence (no graphic detail is shown), accentuated by the 3D visuals, and at the screening that I attended a young girl was reduced to tears. Be mindful of your child’s sensitivities and if in doubt, try a 2D screening.

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