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Happy New Years!

I am thrilled to announce THE JOYOUS LIVING AWARDS’ Non-Profit of 2019…

Geanco Foundation.

It was quite an honor this past year to feature GEANCO and their amazing work in Nigeria as part of my SPOTLIGHT series.

Some Highlights from our series on GEANCO:

  • Geanco Foundation was established in 2005 by Dr. Godwin Onyema and his family.
  • A million children a year die in Nigeria.
  • One Nigerian woman dies in childbirth every 10 minutes.
  • Over 200 needy Nigerians have received hip and knee replacements and bone fracture repairs through our medical missions.
  • Since 2018, they now perform minimally-invasive gallbladder, hernia and appendix surgeries on poor patients, train local surgeons, and donate specialized equipment and instruments.
  • GEANCO covers the cost of anemia treatment and prenatal care for 300 vulnerable pregnant women each month.

and so much more! That doesn’t even cover the amazing ways GEANCO partners with celebrities such as Benedict Cumberbatch and David Oyelowo.

The Joyous Living has made a donation to help further the great work GEANCO is doing in Nigeria and we would count it a great honor if you would join us in spreading the good news, covering them in prayers and assisting with any financial gifts you can afford.


The Joyous Living Awards: GEANCO is the 2019 Non-Profit

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  1. This Nonprofit is doing a lot for its cause. Helping those pregnant women with their high risk pregnancy is something big.

  2. Oh wow. Those numbers are both staggering and heartbreaking. Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about the high mortality rates among children and women giving birth.

  3. How awesome that this nonprofit group is doing so much to help and support those in need. Proving treatment, and medical care is very important, and I think this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing what they are currently doing to help those in need.

  4. This is truly great work. Admire you for all that you are doing. Wishing you the best this year too. Keep bringing smiles and giving joy.

  5. Nnnniiiiccceeeee….how I wish I had read this article last month before I run out of cash. I would surely donate to them! Kudos for the great work done by them all.

  6. Thank you so much for posting this! I just forwarded this cause to my co-workers so they are aware and so we can give back.

  7. Geanco Foundation is doing a great job! They deserve the award. Congrats to their team! Hope to follow and know more about them.

  8. Wow, the statistics are scary. but Geanco Foundation is striving above and beyond! Congratulations to them — they deserve all the accolades! Hopefully, they are able to continue to help more people each year!

  9. Oh wow. This is one foundation that I would be most willing to donate to. It makes me sad that there are that much deaths associated with childbirth in Nigeria. I hope GEANCO will be able to reach more people worldwide to help support their cause.

  10. I hate to hear about high risk pregnancie just due to the fact the woman is in country with less resources. This looks like a great iniative!

  11. This angers me vulnerables are left in sticky situations down to little or no resources mmt heart goes out to you xxxxx keep up the good work

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