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Being the hamburger fan that I am, I had to enjoy the best Southern California has to offer so I added three of my favorite burgers to my “pre-London bucket list”.

In and Out Burger

My first stop was at In & Out where I had my traditional “crispy” french fries, chocolate shake (for dipping those fries) and a cheeseburger with ketchup instead and whole grilled onions.

In-n-Out serves the classic CA burger #burger #innout #nationalburgerday #food #thejoyousliving
They make a very good shake – thick and cold – that is perfect for dipping your french fries. With the right cook at the frier, you can have some really good crispy fries with just the right amount of crunch. And their burgers are always delicious albeit a bit thin of a patty.
Score: A

Stacked Burger

Next, I went to Stacked Burger with my family where we had the beautiful and fabulous Andie as our waitress.
I particularly like their pretzel buns which are extremely hearty and flavorful. This time around I tried a chicken burger and it was all-around good and filling — I could only eat 1/2 of the burger myself. Unfortunately, their french fries are hit and miss with this time’s basket of fries being cold.
must-try pretzel buns #nationalburgerday #burger #food #pretzel #bun #restaurant #stackedburger #stacked #thejoyousliving
Score: B


Finally, I visited Umami Burger with my family with dreams of truffle burgers dancing through my head. Imagine my delight when I saw that it was #truffleseason at Umami. The choices were very tempting but I stuck with my traditional truffle burger and a side of truffle fries.

The shoestring fries covered in truffle cheese and truffle salt are so good it is almost “sinful”. Trust me, you’ll be closing your eyes in delight as you eat each heavenly fry.

And have I mentioned the truffle burger?? This burger is no joke — it is my favorite burger (a 6 oz. house-ground, hand-formed patty) made with the “Umami Master Sauce” and topped with their incredible and mouth-watering house-made truffle cheese, glaze and roasted garlic aioli. Yes — all that goodness is wrapped up in one burger topped by their signature bun that is perfectly toasted.

Score: A+
FYI – my parents have both mentioned that they think the burgers are too rich in flavor. Yes, it is not your usual fast-food fare but this is a gourmet restaurant with burgers that will send your taste buds a whirling with a combination of ooziness, gooeyness, savoriness, delightfulness, etc. Do yourself a favor and better yet do your pallet a favor and try an Umami truffle burger with a side of their amazing truffle fries. And let me know your thoughts!!

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