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Are you too a Poirot fan? Have you been tempted to watch the 2019 The ABC Murders mini series on Amazon Prime starring John Malkovich? I am a fan of the actor himself but from what I have read I find myself extremely skeptical and nervous to watch the series.

Captain Hastings is Missing

First of all, remember that I love the stories so well and especially the beloved t.v. series starring David Suchet and Hugh Fraser so much that I named my dog Captain Hastings and received the DVD series for Christmas. So when I read that Captain Hastings had been completely eliminated from the story (that in the original novel he narrates and assists on the case) and Inspector Japp is now retired and unnecessary killed off to allow for another character I was appalled.

When you have such a beloved and well known story as The ABC Murders you don’t go making such arbitrary and unnecessary choices. Eliminating Poirot’s best friends and helpers, Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp, is like eliminating John Watson from a Sherlock Holmes’ story. Can you imagine the outrage that would cause? I wish the writer had just changed the title and made a whole new story without ruining the original.

David Suchet IS Poirot

So for now I will avoid watching The ABC Murders on Amazon Prime and instead focus on watching David Suchet and the cast of the beloved 1989- 2013 t.v. series. And for those of you new to the Poirot character thanks to this new mini series might I suggest learning more about Poirot and his faithful companions and friends Miss Lemon, Captain Hastings, Inspector Japp, Mrs. Oliver and George by watching the iTV series that although it takes liberties is much more authentic and true to Christie’s vision.

The Joyous Living: The ABC Murders
The ABC Murders (1992 starring David Suchet)
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