Thank you T-Mobile!

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As I count down til I get my US Government Lifeline FREE mobile from TruConnect next week, I want to give out a huge shout out to T-Mobile for their fabulous Pay-As-You-Go plan that allowed my parents to help me be safe and have a mobile plan when out and about at doctor appointments.



If you too have a tight or non-existent financial income meaning you can not afford the hefty iPhone and SmartPhone plans that abound, you are not alone. And thankfully T-Mobile allows you to use your existing SmartPhone with their Pay-As-You-Go plans:

$3 per month includes 30 minutes of talk or 30 text messages or any combination of two, up to 30 and lets you keep your phone number from month to month. Any additional texts and/or minutes are $0.10 each.

Do know that this offer is NOT available in a T-Mobile storefront but can be purchased by phone (1-877-464-8646) or online.

Easy peasy and financially a lifesaver. Just enough minutes/texts to help you stay safe when on the road and at doctors’ offices.

Thanks T-Mobile!

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