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The other day after work, Natasha and I met up to look at some contemporary art and for a bite to eat. Natasha recommended a small Japanese restaurant in Angel (Islington) just a short walk away from the Underground station.


The place was Tenshi and boasted both outdoor tables and indoor booths in an intimate cafe style environment with an open kitchen.

The Service

Sitting inside because of the rain we were given a comfortable booth across from the cash register and the only disadvantage is that while the wait staff are not serving they are literally hovering over your table because of the size of the room.  It was encouraging though to see that the majority of the servers are Asian as that is usually a good indication of the quality of food.

The Food

Natasha had been to Tenshi before and got her favourite, Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), and ate her fill with a happy smile.
I decided to go with the chicken teriyaki and ordered a side of rice. Hearty and filling portion but a bit too grizzly which isn’t easy with just chopsticks to use.


We both ordered green tea and some tap water. The cup was small – as is common – but it was only 1/2 full which I found disappointing.

Rating the Service

3 Stars.
The servers were sweet but made several large mistakes on the bill that we thankfully caught before paying the cheque. And the hovering soured the experience a tad bit.

Rating the Food

3 Stars.
Food was decent but perhaps my choice was bland and not exciting enough? Also, too much grizzle for me in the teriyaki. Next time I’ll try the Okonomiyaki. Also, I wish I had a larger portion of the green tea.

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