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Hi guys.

It has been an age since I last posted but the health is extremely unpredictable and the lows have been tremendous and very annoying. Constant doctor visits are equally draining. But all that to say that I am fast approaching my 34th birthday tomorrow (2 hours away). I would say that usually birthdays are fun and something to look forward to but this one is a tough one to wrap my head around. I found my first white hair a couple days ago and start seeing wrinkles in my skin and my face looks so tired and blah. And what about the fact that I am almost 34 without a husband let alone a romantic partner and no children on the horizon? Sure I couldn’t take care of a child even if I had one a the moment but it’d still be nice. Ah well. It truly is all about God’s timing and apparently that is not right now…

It is hard not to look back on the good old times when I was healthy, felt beautiful and off to London for a new and exciting opportunity and start of a fresh chapter of my life.

with A @ my goodbye party.

And what about my wonderful time studying in some of the most historic and fascinating museums I have ever been privileged to visit? And making lifelong friendships with N and M? Who would think two of my dearest friends would be Colombian and Russian?

with N at my 30th birthday bash in London.
with M at my 30th birthday bash in London.

And what about the incredible 30th birthday party H+K hosted for me in California in 2014? Still have great memories of the evening. Feeling glamorous and beautiful and loved.

with my BFF at my 30th birthday party in CA.
with M+M at my 30th Birthday Bash in CA.
I truly am blessed because my core friends have never wavered and are always just a phone call or text away. And since 2014 I have been able to even celebrate with A, L, and my BFF at different times over tea and scones or drinks. I truly am blessed. I guess the difficult thing is to see others move on with their lives while it seems I have stuck in the quick sand.
A few prayer requests/wishes for my birthday:
  • I am praying my disability case is approved so that I can get Medicare.
  • that my hands become pain free so that I can type and finish school and be able to journal and etcetera.
  • that my body is healed if it is the Lord’s will but boy would it be nice to finally figure out what is wrong.
  • that I do get the chance to meet Mr. Right, particularly if he looks like the long lost brother of Jude Law and Tom Hiddleston. HAHA.
Praises from 2017-2018:
  • Hastings Alyosha (2/4/17)… so so blessed to have my beautiful boy in my life. What a blessing he is!
  • No surgeries necessary in 2017.
  • Able to have my disability hearing. Hoping and praying it produces positive results.
  • Able to start walking with a cane on good days.
  • Fun outings with friends and family to Dodgers, whale watching, the circus, the theatre, etc.
  • I am alive!
And lastly, if you feel inclined I would be honored if you would make a donation to Geanco Foundation in honor of my birthday. Love that Facebook has birthday fundraisers that take the focus off us and puts it on good deeds and these great non profits.

Until next time!

Joy x
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