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Here’s six hot tips to enhance your summer at Disneyland and stay cool!

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Arrive Early and Utilize Disney Genie+ Service

The Disneyland Resort tends to get busier during the summer, so arriving early can give you a head start on the crowds.

Take advantage of the park’s Disney Genie+ System (a paid service), which allows you to reserve access to certain attractions at specified times. This can dramatically help you minimize wait times and make the most of your visit, especially during a busy season such as the summer.

Stay Hydrated during Summer at Disneyland

The summer months can be hot, so it’s crucial to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Bring refillable water bottles and take advantage of water fountains or ask for complimentary cups of ice water at quick service restaurants. (Remember, glass containers and bottles are not allowed on property. For a complete list of park rules visit the official site.)

You can also purchase drinks and snacks throughout the park to stay refreshed such as the delicious Ghirardelli Magical Sundae.

Plan Your Must-Do Attractions

The Disneyland Resort has numerous attractions and shows, so it’s a good idea to prioritize the ones you don’t want to miss, such as the limited time Rogers The Musical at Hyperion Theater.

Use the park map or official Disneyland app (Apple | Android) to plan your day and make sure you allocate enough time for your favorite rides, parades, and performances.

Take Breaks and Seek Shade from the Summer Heat

With the heat and long hours at the park, it’s essential to take breaks and rest periodically.

The Disneyland Resort offers shaded areas and indoor attractions where you can cool down and relax. Consider scheduling downtime for meals or catching a show to give yourself a chance to recharge.

Some indoors attractions to consider:

Dress Appropriately for the Summer at Disneyland

Choose lightweight, breathable clothing and comfortable footwear to ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and bring a hat to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

And don’t forget your cooling towel and/or neck fan for those blistering hot days when you can’t avoid the sun.

Planning on renting a locker at Disneyland Resort? You can find lockers outside the park on the esplanade, on Main Street U.S.A.  in Disneyland next to Starbucks and on Buena Vista Street in Disney California Adventure across from Guest Relations.

Pack Your Evian Facial Spray

Summer at Disneyland Resort might not be as hot as a summer day at Walt Disney World but it can certainly lead to some sweating and overheating.

So, you know what I always have in my bag when I go to Disneyland during the summer? I bring my Evian Facial Spray (gifted).

You can use the facial spray for almost anything you can think of. Some popular uses are: hydrating your skin, blending and setting your makeup, refreshing skin throughout the day, and soothing sensitive skin.

Summer at Disneyland with Evian Facial Spray

My friend was so impressed when I let her spritz it on herself that I ended up giving her one of my travel bottles to put in her own purse.

You will love how refreshing and soothing just one spritz can be on a hot day.


Remember, these tips are intended for spending the summer at Disneyland Resort.

It’s always a good idea to check the official Disneyland website or app for any updates or additional information regarding attractions, park hours, or special events happening during your visit.

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