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I first salivated over The Londoner’s Polo in the Park 2013 post last year and this past weekend had the pleasure of trying some of Anna Mae’s Mac N Cheese for myself at the Highgate Fair in the Square.

Anna Mae's Mac n Cheese

The Mac N Cheese is made on the premises in large iron skillets.

There are several toppings options available and I chose the Kayne Western which included a generous amount of bbq sauce, hot dog and onions.

Are you salivating yet? If not… check out the final product!


O yeah, baby, this is quite a beautiful dish! And a perfect luncheon at any street fair.

Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese Book!

That’s right! You too can make Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese thanks to her book.

The official description of Anna Mae’s Mac n Cheese Book

This book is full of pimped up mac ‘n’ cheese recipes, things to do with leftovers (mac ‘n’ cheese fries anyone?) plus tips on how to make the best béchamel sauce, the perfect cheeses to use, as well as recipes for sides, sauces, drinks and desserts to serve alongside. Featuring recipes for some of their well-known classics such as the Don Macaroni with bacon and pesto to the chipotle-laced Spicy Juan; to experimental ideas for the serious Macologist, including Machos, alpine-inspired Maclette, Mac-Packed Peppers, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Fries, the ultimate grilled cheese sandwich and more.

Not forgetting the perfect wingmen to accompany your mac, they’ve got pickles, guac, kwik kimchi, salads and sauces as well as festival cocktails and hangover cures covering all the bases. Includes metric measures.

In London and looking for some mac n’ cheese? Take a moment and check out Anna Mae’s website for a listing of where they are located for the week. You will not regret your decision. xx

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