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Celebrate Star Wars Day at home and may the 4th be with you!

Usually, friends are crowding Disney theme parks on the 4th to celebrate Star Wars Day or binging their way through a movie marathon at the local cinemas. But for those of us who are forced to stay home this May, here are FOUR fun activities you can enjoy with your family and celebrate Star Wars Day from safety at home:

May the Fourth be With You The Joyous Living

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Time to pull out your glow in the dark stars! And don’t forget about those old white bedsheets that you can use to create a tent in your bedroom or in the backyard for a campout. Once you’ve set up your camping environment, it is time to cook up your favorite foods, watch a Star Wars marathon, or play Star Wars-themed games.

Celebrate Star Wars Day with Themed Foods

Star Wars DIFF eyewear

Throughout the Star Wars saga, characters eat everything from the exotic to the normal. Here are several items you will likely find in your kitchen –

Pears (Remember when Padme and Anakin flirted over pears in Attack of the Clones?)

Mushrooms (part of Yoda’s diet on Dagobah)

If you happen to have milk, sugar, blue dye, and vanilla you can make this blue milk recipe c/o

And last but not least if you have some potatoes and olives you can make these adorable Porg Potatoes that @DisneyPlusFood posted on Instagram

Celebrate with Star Wars Themed Glasses

Have you ever heard about DIFF Charitable Eyewear? They are a brand with a mission to use fashion as a force for good. In just the past 7 years, DIFF has provided over 2 million people with the gift of sight through medicine, eye exams, glasses, and more.

Star Wars DIFF eyewear

Check out their latest line of Star Wars themed glasses.

Celebrate Star Wars Day with a Movie Marathon

Aside from the traditional movies, here are a few fun movies that continue the Star Wars story.

Star Wars: Empire of Dreams

This is a must-see documentary for any Star Wars fan as it chronicles the making of the first trilogy of movies as well as their impact on society.

Currently available FREE (as of 4 May 2020) on Amazon Prime Video.

Ewoks (The Animated Series)

Based on those loveable and furry creatures, Ewoks is an animated series that ran from 1984-1985 showcasing the activities on Endor before the events of “A New Hope”.

Currently available FREE (as of 4 May 2020) on Youtube.

Star wars: The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars was an animated t.v. series set between Episode II and Episode III of the Star Wars saga. Spanning six seasons, the series features CG animation.


This Mel Brooks helmed spoof features a star pilot and his sidekick who must come to the rescue of a Princess and save the galaxy from a ruthless race of beings known as Spaceballs.

Celebrate Star Wars Day with Themed Games

Star Wars DIFF eyewear

If you have a Star Wars Monopoly set, definitely break it out now. I love that game!

But if you are home without any official Star Wars games, here are some fun games to play at home.

The Force

All you need are some balloons and a static force to teach your kids about “the force” (aka electricity).

Storm Trooper Tag

Similar to Laser Tag, have the kids use nerf guns to shoot out their opponents. If you have a large group of kids, you can split the numbers into two teams – The Storm Troopers and The Resistance.

Jedi Training

Take advantage of a backyard jungle gym or old agility equipment to create a training arena for your young Jedis in training.

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