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Do you love your furry friends? Do you want to spoil them? If you answer yes to either of those two questions, then this is a post for you! Read on…
#1. FuzzyGreen, an Asian company found on Amazon, makes jumpsuits and hoodies for your smaller furry friends.  Their styles are super cute and cozy (including the adorable one on the left). I ordered an XL hoodie for Maximus (the little one) and unfortunately the sizes didn’t measure up meaning that he couldn’t get his hind-legs into the leg holes.  So while it will unfortunately not work for Maximus, it is still super cute and very comfy so if you have a verrrry small dog, it might be a great fit for your furry friend. Just note that they say there can be an inaccuracy of size by an inch because their patterns are measured by hand. I would go one step further and say that the inaccuracy could be even larger especially when it comes to the hind-legs. If you have a dog who measures XS or SM, perhaps you would want to order up 1-2 sizes just to be safe and allow for more comfortable fit.

Price: $13.59 + Free Shipping (NO Prime shipping available)

#2. Toys “R” Us makes the best frisbee for bigger dogs such as Shadow. For $14.99 (available in stores and on-line), you can find these frisbees called “Flying Disks” at PetSmart.  Shadow loves her collection of frisbees and used to go through a frisbee within a week from all the play and tug-of-war. When we found these well made frisbees from PetSmart, we hit a gold mine! These (made from a Nylon/Polyester blend) last for months in comparison and are brightly colored so they don’t get lost in the shrubbery!
So if you are looking for a good quality frisbee to play with your furry friends, these are a must have!

Disclaimer: I received the hoodie from FuzzyGreen for review purposes but all opinions are my own.