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 Subscription services are a tough one to review. You want to give them the benefit of the doubt and write about them in the best of light but sometimes you can get a really poor parcel in the mail and want to scream and write a bad review. That was my first experience with Rocksbox, a premium jewelry subscription service, where I found myself wanting to write a good long rant last Friday. Rant over and now my second box has arrived and thankfully I have some positive things to share so cozy up with a cuppa and let’s discuss jewelry, subscription services, and customer service…

Last Saturday, I returned my first Rocksbox by postal mail (USPS) and they sent me a second curated box on the 21st and here it is the 24th and it is in my hands. So already, we’re doing much better – it took 3 days to arrive versus last time’s five days wait.

Same as last time, the jewelry comes in a nice and sturdy box with a nice bow making for a nice presentation. Inside is the obligatory card and the curator (a different lady) apologized for my horrid experience last time (props to her for that!), sent one of the necklaces I had requested, and two others she thought I might like – one being a statement piece specifically because I mentioned how last week‘s Gorjana necklace got lost it was so tiny. Props again for that consideration.
 So what did I think of the pieces this week?  
Piece #1 – the one requested on my wish list (again they only send 1 piece from the wish list) – was a beaded double strand necklace from SLATE that I found charming. 
The only thing that makes me hesitate is that the beads are loose on the strand and therefore move back and forth and you have to keep checking yourself so the appearance is just so. See above photo – only one strand shows and the beads are not visible (oops! case in point!).
And what lady wants to go out and have to keep re-arranging her necklace? But yes, it is a lovely piece and just as expected based on the photo from Rocksbox.
The second piece was a Robyn Rhodes “Jamie Necklace” that the curator thought was “great for layering”. Hmm. I did not even bother taking this piece out of the bag because if you look – the “gold” chain is rather cheap looking and there is nothing that turns me off than a cheap looking chain. Who wants to spend $90 on a necklace that screams tacky? With a different golden chain, I think this pendant might actually be nice and worth a second look.
 And for the third piece – a Perry Street “Selina Crystal Necklace” that my curator thought was a bit “more glam” and “bolder”. I appreciate that she could tell I wanted something bold and glam. I have no idea where the other curator’s head was at when she sent that packet last time. Ugh.
From a distance, I believe this is a fabulous statement piece and the price (if you chose to buy it at $44) is reasonable. Unfortunately it was too obviously costume jewelry for my tastes. Costume jewelry is such a tricky one, isn’t it? You can have amazing costume jewelry that looks great anywhere and everywhere and then there is the costume jewelry that screams it and this unfortunately is the latter.
So… what is the verdict. For $19 a month, Rocksbox sends you 3 pieces of jewelry how ever many times you desire (based on my calculations, it is approximately 3-4 boxes a month if you have a fast turn-around and good postal service). At least one piece will be from your wish list meaning you are fairly certain to like something. But $19 sure adds up, no, and for that price you could buy yourself one or two very nice pieces per year. So while some might love the surprise that is associated with subscription services, I will take a pass. I appreciate the customer service I received from the second curator, Kathy, which made me believe they actually cared about my negative opinions of the first packet but I would much rather pick out a couple lovely pieces for myself that will last the test of time rather than play a guessing game with Rocksbox. What do you all think? I see many happy Rocksbox bloggers so it truly is something ‘to each their own’ and I wish you the best in your adventure trying out Rocksbox!
p.s. My Rocksbox 1 month subscription was free (thanks to fellow blogger By Hilary Rose‘s code) but all opinions are my own.

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