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I heard about Rocksbox subscription service from a fellow blogger, By Hilary Rose, and was excited to use her discount for a free month’s Rocksbox subscription. Based on the gorgeous statement pieces the fellow bloggers showed, I was eager and excited to receive my first Rocksbox. Since registering on the 12th of April 2015, I have unfortunately been disappointed.
Keep reading for more details about my experience and why you might want to reconsider applying for Rocksbox.

I filled out their obligatory survey and created a wish list with several statement pieces (a total of 6 pieces – 5 necklaces and 1 bracelet) excited to try out some pieces that I would be open to purchasing.
I received an email on the 14th of April saying my Rocksbox was on the way but when I went on the website it said that my first box was shipped on the 12th (discrepancy #1) and since the package was shipped from San Francisco and I live in Southern California, I was amazed (not in a good way) that the box didn’t arrive until the 17th of April (5 days later) meaning that my monthly subscription pays for these 5 days of shipping TO me and should I want to get another box, I would have to wait another 10 days (to/from me) before I could receive it. Way too long especially when you’re paying for the transport time. 
Once the box arrived, I was excited to see what pieces I received from the 6 I had put on my wish list. Unfortunately, of all the 6 I requested, only 1 was sent. In addition to the one necklace I had requested, the team at Rocksbox also sent me a bland-looking bracelet and a flimsy necklace.
First up: A bracelet from House of Harlow 1960 (Geodesic Bangle in Silver). The Rocksbox curator, Jenna, said that she’d sent the bracelet to go with the necklace I requested. Somebody might very well enjoy this bracelet but I find it chunky and heavy and bland. Also, it is in no way a statement piece.
   Next up: a Taner Bar small necklace in sterling silver from Gorjana. The necklace is as it says – small! – and was sent by the Rocksbox curator to compliment the bracelet. Funny that they would send another piece to compliment a piece I didn’t even ask for! If you’re going to send complimentary pieces, at least send a piece to work with the one I requested.
I found the necklace to be extremely flimsy and the clasp is cheap and it fell off my neck twice while I was taking my pictures (no good, especially if you are renting a piece and responsible if it gets lost.)
I am wearing the Gorjana necklace in the above two photos. Look how easily the necklace gets lost in the photo. I wanted statement pieces from Rocksbox and this is the exact opposite.
Okay, now for the piece I actually requested. It looks just as it does on the website so props there. I am pleased with the way it looks on my neck, too. I will definitely be wearing it tonight to the theatre.
Unfortunately, the one good piece does not make up for the other disappointments. And if I was paying $19 a month for this subscription service, I would be very disappointed. Slow shipping and unwanted jewelry (2/3 of the box was unwanted) makes this a very disappointing service.
This was a very disappointing experience. I hope my review (not affiliated with Rocksbox) can help others in making their decisions about Rocksbox. Thanks again to By Hilary Rose for the free month.
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