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Priscilla Queen of the Desert

I went into the show knowing hardly anything but hoping for a fun and carefree girls’ night out with my friend V. And boy were we lucky! The music included all-time favorites such as Material Girl, MacArthur Park, and It’s Raining Men and could be best described as Mamma Mia on steroids. The show’s costumes and sets were over-the-top hilarious! The number of feathers, fringe, tinsel, platform heels, pink feather boas, disco jumpsuits and Daisy Dukes was endless. My all-time favorite was the 1st act MacArthur Park. The ensemble were decked out in gigantic cupcake costumes with candles on their heads and umbrellas dripping with streamers.

My main concern had been that the three main characters, two drag queens and one transsexual, would face oppression from religious homophobes.  Thankfully, that was NOT the case and here comes my little cheer of gratitude. The bullies in the musical turned out to be red-necked hicks. The primary bully was in fact an obese, mullet-wearing red-neck woman. (Odd.) On that same note, please be aware that this is not appropriate for children because there are several utterances of the F words and there are two strong homophobic scenes where our two drag queens are attacked by the above mentioned red-necked hicks.


So would I recommend seeing this show during the remainder of its LA stop? Yes, 100% yes. You will laugh, tap your foot non-stop and be unable to stop clapping out of delight during the entertaining curtain call. And be forewarned that you’ll likely leave humming an 80’s favorite. 

(c) Joan Marcus

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