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Redeeming Love, based on the bestselling book by Francine Rivers, is coming to theatres on January 21, 2022.

Redeeming Love Movie


Official Description of Redeeming Love

REDEEMING LOVE is a powerful and timeless love story that takes place against the backdrop of the California Gold Rush of 1850. The story centers on Angel (Abigail Cowen), who was sold into prostitution as a child. She has survived through hatred and self-loathing, until she meets Michael Hosea (Tom Lewis) and discovers there is no brokenness that love can’t heal.

The story reflects the redemptive power of unconditional and sacrificial love with characters and circumstances relevant to the contemporary world.

“The story is still as relevant today as it was 30 years ago. It is a story that portrays the battle of light versus dark with unlikely redemption waiting for you at the end.”
– Eric Dane, Duke in “Redeeming Love”

Cast of Redeeming Love

“I fell in love with the characters in this story after my wife introduced me to the novel. It presented me with a rich tapestry of complex characters and outstanding visual opportunities, all wrapped in an epic love story that transcends generations.”
– D.J. Caruso, Director and Screenplay

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Official Trailer for Redeeming Love

Rating: PG-13 for Partial Nudity, Mature Thematic Content, Sexual Content, and Strong Violent Content

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