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Ralph Fiennes as Jesus in the 2000 Russian made stop-motion animated film The Miracle Maker is PERFECTION.

If you haven’t already seen the movie, I highly recommend it! Perhaps stop motion is not your cup of tea (nor is it mine) but the voice portrayal of Ralph Fiennes as JESUS is exceptional, one of my all time favorite portrayals.

The Miracle Maker. (c) The Miracle Maker.

Fiennes’ portrays Jesus as a humane man with great emotion — including passion when he cries over John the Baptist, overturns tables at the Temple; a natural speaking voice riddled with humor when he speaks to the crowds and his disciples; and even a sigh (!) when the Pharisees begin to ask him another question. <Loved it.> I could go on and on.

Ralph Fiennes might be better known for Schindler’s List and Harry Potter but he was a perfectly cast as Jesus.

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Ralph Fiennes.