5 Essentials Protective Items to Pack for Disney Parks

The Joyous Living: 5 Protective Items for Disney Parks Covid-19 Style

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Disney fans are excited that the parks in America are re-opening in July. While unfortunately I will not be able to join the crowds for the foreseeable future due to my status as someone who has a lung disease I wanted to put this post together so that others might be helped.

If you are looking for protective items to bring with you to the Disney Parks when they re-open, consider adding any of the follow 5 items:

1. Disney Face Mask

Yes. Face Masks are a requirement for both children and adults and cast members at Disney Parks when they re-open in July 2020. So how about going in style with the adorable face masks to be found on Shop Disney (Official Site)?

2. Hand Sanitizer

Yes, Disney is promising to have hand sanitizer stations but best be safe and have your own stash for the family. You’ll need it for meals, getting off rides, and any rest stops.

So how about a small little bottle you can add to your purse or backpack?

3. Lysol Wipes

While Disney is promising more frequent cleanings, you can never known just when the last cleaning was for your table, bench, or attraction.

Lysol wipes provide an extra peace of mind when you can confidently know your table, chair, bench, attraction car, etc., has been cleaned.

And similar to hand sanitizer, a bag of wipes can easily be stashed in your purse or backpack.

4. A Towel or Change of Clothes

After spending a day at a Disney Park, your pants and shirt will likely be dirty and covered in germs from sitting on attractions, at restaurants and on benches.

Before hopping into your car for the ride home, consider a change of clothes (after you’ve finished using all forms of transportation) or bring with you a towel that can cover the seat.

Also when you remember just how many germs are carried on your shoes, you’ll be glad not to drag park germs into your car and family home.

5. Disposable Gloves

You’ll be glad you have disposable gloves when you’re cleaning up with your Lysol wipes. They’ll also come in handy when your family gets on the rides at the Disney Parks so you don’t have to worry about cleaning hands after each ride.

Just give each family member a pair of gloves before climbing onto the ride and dispose of them when you’re stepping off the ride.

(This idea came from watching a video of Disneyland Shanghai where a cast member was visibly handing gloves out just before an indoor roller coaster. So, perhaps, Disneyland and Disney World will follow suit but we won’t know which rides, if any, until after being in the parks and by then it is too late to prepare a box of gloves for your family’s use.)

I hope this has been helpful and that your family has a fun and safe and healthy trip to one of the Happiest Places on Earth!

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  1. While we aren’t planning on going to Disney this year, I am curious to see all of the precautions they are going to take and how they will do it with so many guests.

  2. Very good list. I have never been to Disney but I think this is a good list to have when I finally do make it there, virus or not!

  3. All of this is really boring, although obviously necessary. Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the fun so waiting to return to do it normally.

  4. this is a helpful guide, the essential items to bring over when you are travelling there, being cautious and careful.

  5. We were planning a trip to Disney World next year. I sure hope that the world is a better place! But I have to say those masks are adorable!

  6. Essential protectives items are the new must haves when in public. I do hope everyone participates in public safety, preventative measures & proper hygiene. Even more so, during this pandemic. Stay happy, healthy and smart ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Because of the times were in and because itโ€™s Disney, the steps are worth it. Thanks for sharing and reminding us what we need to do when the parks open

  8. Yes, I can imagine that many businesses will be introducing all these kind of things with the whole situation x

  9. for sure amusement parks are adjusting services while trying to reassure visitors are safe. As a guest we are all responsible.

  10. Lysol Wipes can be very handy in Disney parks. Of course, disposable and washable masks are a must too! Stay safe!

  11. I honestly can’t imagine going to a theme park right now. Until everything calms down, we aren’t going anywhere near them.

  12. This is really good information to prepare people for the time when Disney opens its doors again. Hopefully, people will still remember to practise social distancing and be mindful of surfaces that are touched often. I must admit I just love the Disney face masks that really blend in with the Disney theme!

  13. This items are real necessity in present day situation. Yet this items are beautiful. We need it everywhere we visit.

  14. Thanks for all the great tips for staying safe when visiting Disney parks. But I too unfortunately wonโ€™t be visiting. I wish I could though!

  15. Oh it’s been a year since our visit to Tokyo Disneyland! We want to explore it again for the winter season but maybe next year. It is best to be safe always.

  16. This is great advice. Yes, things are opening up, but we still need to remember to be careful and take care of ourselves. COVID is not gone, we’re just learning to live with it.

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