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Maizy has had quite the experience this weekend, poor dear. Friday morning she was screaming in pain when “getting busy”, had trouble moving around, and had a sore on her bottom.  With her family out of the country, I made the decision to call the vet, Arboles Animal Clinic, and got her in that morning.
Turns out our sweet Maizy had burst an anal gland. Poor girl.
Maizy @ Arboles Animal Clinic, 9/27

The Staff at Arboles Animal Clinic

The staff at the clinic were amazing! Very gentle and loving towards Maizy.  It was just so tragic hearing her yelps of pain from the back office while they treated her.

Resting at Home

Treated, medicated, and put into the cone of shame, Maizy was brought home and coddled for the weekend. She was very sensitive and in a lot of pain Friday and Saturday — it seems she finds the most comfort in her laundry basket laying on a soft blanket OR on a comfy pillow next to me on the couch.
Maizy in her laundry basket
Praise God, Maizy started to feel better and act like her usual self on Sunday!
Maizy and I cuddling on the couch, 9/29
We went to the vet again this afternoon and they gave her some more medication and said she was progressing well but still needs a follow up next Monday.
Maizy @ Arboles Animal Clinic, 9/30


Please keep this darling in your prayers…

Maizy on her pillow


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Experiencing a burst anal gland. When to call the vet for a burst anal gland. Recovery at home for a burst anal gland. #analgland #dogs #vet #thejoyousliving

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