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What did you think of Episode 1 last week? Time for Episode 2 and while Ross’ espionage is on a back burner as is Demelza’s friendship with her new maid, it allows room for some great scenes featuring secondary actors Jack Farthing, Vincent Regan, Harry Richardson and Ellise Chappell. [Possible Spoilers !]

In Episode #2:

Demelza and the children join Ross in London, but his dogged pursuit to help Ned finds them caught in a dangerous web. George’s lingering grief has unexpected consequences, while Dwight’s expertise and honorable intentions place him and his friends on shaky ground.

Some highlights from tonight’s episode:


“You appeared a bit disordered with talks of Elizabeth.”

“Are you sure it is not you who is disordered?”


“I thought maybe there was a child coming.”

“Not unless it’s a fairy child.”


“Thinking how I’d take a strap to ye, if I were mistress here.”


“Brave of you to venture out, ma’am, in view of your husband’s fall from grace but then perhaps you are not unfamiliar with contempt.”

“You would be familiar with my fist if you do not apologize to my wife.”


“As ever we are redeemed by the fairer sex.”

“I think it would take a lot more than that to redeem you, sir.”


“I am no lawyer but I venture to suggest that a man who has been bludgeoned across the skull is not of sound mind.”


“The true character of insanity…is delusion.”


“We both know it’s what his mother would want.”

“We both know, do we? What do you know of my wife? You were nothing to her  – an irrelevance – and to me.”


“I take my share of the blame. Take yours.”


“Must I not trust your judgment as you trust mine?”


“It deserves to be exposed and whatever consequences there may be…”

The Joyous Living: Highlights from Poldark Season 5, Episode 2

Scene Stealer of the Week:

Ned is trying to clear his name and thanks to Vincent Regan‘s fabulous acting he comes across as sympathetic and respectable tonight.

Biggest “What the heck” of the Week:

It seems that Cecily and Geoffrey Charles have a flirtation going on that they’ve even drawn Demelza into keeping their secret for them. However this can only lead to major trouble I wager. But if you’re going to have a secret romance how about conducting it in a less public place? It’s as if they were begging to be found out.

Best Romantic Moment of the Week:

Morwenna (Ellise Chappell) and Drake (Harry Richardson) share one of the most beautiful and haunting moments in the middle of the episode where not one word is spoken but millions are transmitted by a touch and look.

Poldark’s Best Scene of the Week:

Ross shares a very tense moment with Sir George (Jack Farthing) in the second half of the episode where surprise, surprise Sir George might come out on top.


Where to Watch:

PBS: 6 October 2019, 9-10pm EST (Check your local listings)

Amazon Prime: You can catch up on Season 1-4 on Amazon Prime. (Season 5 is available to purchase on Amazon Prime a day after each airing for $2.99 (HD).)