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Have you been following the somewhat ridiculous + somewhat dramatic + somewhat romantic period piece, Poldark, on PBS? We are officially welcoming in the final season of Poldark and instead of jumping ahead 10 years like in the novels, we are off-book which means ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. This will be the first season of Poldark that is not based on any of Winston Graham’s novels. So we shall see how we take to it here in the States when it premieres tonight on PBS.


Some highlights from tonight’s episode:



“Is it never wise to get involved with Ned?”


“You salute when you see a superior.”

“When I see one I will.”


“He may contemplate his mistakes at leisure.”

“And you may continue to grow gold.”


“No, I recollect well what it is to go hungry and I would not wish it on anyone which is why it is my aim to find honest work for you all.”


“Will you not say good night to your son?”


“There’s no catch. Why would there be?”


“Do not our senses cry out for liberty, equality, brotherhood!”

“By a fortunate coincidence, I arrived at the theatre to do His Majesty a service. But to be frank it’s been a tiresome disruption.”


“It will be reckless to overplay your hand so early in our acquaintance.”

The Joyous Living: Poldark Final Season Episode 1 Highlights

Best Poldark Scene:

Spoilers Beware!!!

After a bit of a snoozer of a first episode, in the dramatic latter part of the episode, Poldark stops an assassination attempt at the theatre tackling the man with the gun only to turn around and have a gun aimed at the small of his back. The subsequent conversation he has in a secluded box is a terrific bit of dialogue and provides the beginning of what looks like an important storyline.

Best Demelza Scene:

Demelza actually has a handful of great scenes in the first episode of Season 5, all opposite Tess (Sofia Oxenham) a new farmhand. Over the course of the episode she is able to persuade Tess that she truly has not forgotten her people and wishes to find honest work for each of them. I am really hoping theirs becomes a true friendship.

The Big “What Now?”:

Surely we’re all wondering WHO set the fire at the Poldarks’ home. Any guesses?

Where to Watch:

PBS: 29 September 2019, 9-10pm EST (Check your local listings)

Amazon Prime: You can catch up on Season 1-4 on Amazon Prime. (Season 5 will likely be available to purchase on Amazon Prime a day after each airing as has happened in the past.)