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Her Fav Food invited me to join her for a late lunch at Pizza Union in Spitalfields and the food was so good!!

Pizza Union is similar to what my American friends will know as Pieology – a quick service option for those who are craving a pizza but at a budget price and with the convenience of speed.
They serve “Superfast 12″ Pizza” and the menu is extensive with many standards and favourites listed including Florentina and Tropicali. There are also extra toppings you can choose to add to your pizza for £1 each.
So after perusing the menu, Her Fav Food and I chose drinks from the cooler by the cash point where there was also a tempting selection of gelato in another cooler.  [It’s the little things but I was impressed that all the waters – even still water – were Italian products.]
After choosing your drinks, you are invited to purchase dessert (including 3 flavours of cannoli) and some nibbles at the register where you order your pizzas.
Her Fav Food and I ordered the Florentina and Tropicali with added mushrooms for her and added chicken for me. We also ordered a dolce pizza which is their signature dessert.
Then you are left to find a spot at either one of the long communal tables in the centre of the room or one of the few tables along the wall.
O and yes we also ordered these lovely looking vanilla cannolis. Look nice, right?
Once your pizzas have been ordered, they’re quickly made and put into the large stone oven and before you know it – your order is up and waiting for you at the counter. The pizza trays can be hot so watch your fingers. 🙂

Pizza Union “The Dolce”

Now for the yumminess you’ve been waiting for:
* The Dolce * dough ring filled with nutella and mascarpone (£2.95)
It was quite large and easily fed the two of us. It is excellent for sharing.
We waited to eat our “dolce” until after our pizzas and it tasted just fine but I imagine right out of the oven its pretty amazing. The dolce made me think of a cross between a nutella crepe and a custard filled donut – rich and gooey.
Only bad side is that the dough ring is not evenly filled with nutella and marscapone meaning some bites were completely bare of either whereas others were overflowing with nutella.

Pizza Union – Delicious Pizzas

And the pizzas. They are thin crust and at 12″ quite filling for the average person. The knives provided by the restaurant were also perfectly suited to cutting through the crust (important details, right?).
I had if you recall ordered an extra topping of chicken for the pizza and while the chicken was good it felt alien to the pizza (perhaps it was the lack of flavour?) so if I go back I would likely refrain from the add-on.
All in all it was a very delicious and filling meal. The atmosphere is clean and welcoming and the workers are all smiles and friendliness.
So next time you are hankering for a pizza, pull up a stool and give Pizza Union a try. With a freshly made pizza costing between £3.95 – £6.50, how can you say no?
Big thanks to Her Fav Food for the invite out and our lovely conversation and thanks to Pizza Union for the lovely meal. While my meal was comped, my opinions are all my own.

Pizza Union details:

25 Sandy Row, Spitalfields, E1 7HW
(nearest Tube/Train Station: Liverpool Street)
Open 7 Days a Week; 11am-11pm
Now go check out Her Fav Food’s blog and do let me know what you think of Pizza Union when you visit.

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